Meet the Internet - the world of endless possibilities

In the Internet arena there are two possibilities for you - to stand out and lead or be swallowed up by the crowd.

Whether you are a small or large business owner, a company or a corporation, in order to increase the number of your customers and to maintain a positive image of the business, you will have to invest in promoting the website In the various search engines in constant marketing advertising on the social networks and direct the business to a larger potential audience, depending on your uniqueness and your differentiation over your competitors.

So what is actually SEO?

Online promotion is a necessary and integral part of any business's marketing work.
In order to show an Internet presence and to be promoted by the search engines, each site must be adapted to complex algorithms and meet different standards.
Social promotion is a key part of search engine promotion because it is a leading platform for businesses in the modern world and today's technological era.

Today there are 2 web promotion options.

1) Organic Promotion (SEO) - In order to increase the amount of visitors to the website of the business should invest in the promotion of organic.

The organic promotion is done by using top search terms, creating site optimization, and writing content into which the keywords are inserted. The content will include the text that will appear on the site's pages, articles and articles on blogs and on external platforms.
Organic promotion is a long-term, profitable investment that will allow surfers to be easily exposed to the site by typing relevant keywords into the search engines or through various links across the web.

2) Paid advertising (PPC) - The sponsored promotion is also known as advertising on search engines, meaning: advertising sponsored ads at the top of the search table.

The purpose of the sponsored promotion is to place you above the "organic" results.
Sponsored promotion will give you immediate results according to your budget and the quality of your promotion.
Sponsored ads are displayed on Google according to the index given by the quality of the ad and its funding budget.
A quality ad on Google is estimated based on a number of parameters including the clickthrough rate (CTR), relevance to the search terms, and landing page.

So how do you get above your competition?

• Promoting the business website

Once you've set up a website for your business, you'll need to focus on promoting it to expose it to a wide audience of surfers and potential customers.
Website promotion will be done by writing content on various sites on different platforms, blogs, articles, image articles and so on through keyword assimilation, creating site optimization and promoting its sponsored search engines.

• Social Networking Promotion (SMO)

Social networking promotion will be done by marketing the business on the leading market platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.
Social promotion will include organic promotion through the establishment of a business page and ongoing updates by promoting the financing of the business through the publication of sponsored ads.

Why should you promote with Eran Pixar?

Pixar is a company specializing in promoting business on the Internet in Israel and abroad, while working with the most advanced Internet systems.
Pixar will receive real results in real time, thanks to our unique method of diagnosis and thorough characterization of the business and its target audience and by setting up a comprehensive marketing system for a business, promoting the business on Google and social networks and monitoring and maintenance.

What do we offer?

• Organic promotion for the site

Organic promotion including keyword research, competitors' market research, indexing in the chosen search engines, issuing a monthly report, writing articles based on the keywords and a description of the image and marketing for the business, building a link system, promoting 10 phrases and optimizing the site.

• Sponsored promotion for the site

Sponsored promotion including keyword research, competitors' market research, marketing strategy building, adding marketing skills, writing marketing ads, conversion tracking and weekly optimization.

• Social promotion and social networking

Promoting social networks, including setting up a business page, building a marketing schedule, building custom audiences, using professional images, writing and promoting posts on a weekly basis, setting up sponsored campaigns, providing answers to customers and members of the page.

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