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We all know what the power of the Internet is in the modern world. In order to create a positive image and to increase the amount of customers, every business must show Presence on the Internet. The business website is his initial business card and greatly influences his image among surfers and potential customers. A good business website is a powerful marketing tool for your business and will serve you for years to come. When you decide to build a business site or upgrade your existing site, you must choose a company that specializes in website building.

Building sites suitable for mobile
Site promotion graphics

In the characterization stage, we will collect information about the merchant and conduct an in-depth study of the competitors in his environment, in order to identify the target audience and opportunities for exposure to a large potential target audience, while distinguishing the business according to its competitors. We will then decide on how to build the site and adapt the interfaces for user experience Convenient and effective for home business.

A very important part of the site is its continuous handling and information security, by advanced systems of continuous control and through weekly optimizations on the site, and in cases of mishaps, the Pixer team will provide a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible through 24/7 human response.

The way the site will look will have a great impact on the business experience and the image of the business. The design of the site will be done by graphic designers and professional site builders, in accordance with the target audience and the nature of the business

Website content is the most influential site promotion on Google. Pixar will receive professional, image and marketing content writing services tailored to the nature of the business and its target audience by introducing keywords that will promote your site in the search engines.

The site is hosted on an advanced servers that are characterized by fast SSD technology, fast memory, built-in information security, 24/7 support and daily and monthly backups on the server.

The accessibility of the site to people with disabilities is an important parameter that will strengthen the image of your business and of course will contribute to increasing the number of surfers and potential customers.
Examples of site accessibility (option to increase fonts / build software to read the address on the page / voice search)

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