35 Tips for Search Engine Optimization

35 Tips for Search Engine Optimization

If you are promoting an experienced website, an internet business owner or a business owner who runs a website, this article is for you! 
We've collected 35 search engine optimization tips for you.
Search engine optimization -SEO - Search Engine Optimization (Eg Google, Bing, Yahoo)
If the site is properly optimized, it will be possible to improve the site in the "eyes" of Google.
SERP  (Search engine result page)

In fact, Google updates its algorithm frequently because the end-user browsing experience needs to be improved.
Google has regretted its vision of helping people find relevant, reliable, and accurate information that reflects to customers the most relevant results for their search terms.

In other words, optimizing your site is best suited to the user's needs.

So let's start moving forward

In this article we have collected the best tips on SEO that will help you in your online space to be more exposed in the depths of the Internet and give the user a more sociable interface.
Therefore, we arranged for you and divided the list into several important parameters.
It is important to remember that SEO Search engines are a complex process and sometimes can take time.
Therefore, the key to success in everything and not just in promoting websites is constant learning and perseverance.

  1. Build The site is clearly, intuitive and up-to-date.
    Choose carefully the way you arrange and design your site.
    Navigation is also important for optimizing the site and its visitors.
    Search engines go through a link structure to find INDEX PAGES.
    If a site is well-structured, all of your pages and sub-pages should be easily found and automatically sorted by search engine crawlers.
    In addition, an intuitive navigation system will also help your visitors by making it easier for them to reach the information they entered as quickly as possible.

The "Three clicks" rule says that any information on the site should be available for no more than 3 clicks.
Therefore it is recommended to build this site in advance.

2. Page URL - Enter keywords to the URL page
The web page in your domain can be redirected to many different words.
The best way is to focus only on one keyword phrase and include it directly at the URL. Use a hyphen instead of a hyphen instead of spaces.
I do not recommend using Hebrew.

3. Use In a hyphen rather than an underscore instead of spaces.
When you use a hyphen the Google engine skips it
For example: THE_BEST_WEBSITE will show Google THISBEATWEBSITE, which is hard to read right?
Therefore, it is recommended to use the following method: THE-BEST-WEBSITE, which will be seen by Google as readable and correct.
4 . There are two Types of URLs: static and dynamic
Select static and non-dynamic URL.
A static URL looks like this:
Dynamic URL looks like this:
While search engines understand exactly what is written in both types of URL, it is not very understandable for humans.
For example, if you have a blog in Wordpress you can determine that the URL of a specific post is dynamic.
When you click the Publish button, WordPress automatically turns the URL into static.
But, he will choose random words from the title of the blog post.
For optimal SEO it is best to edit the URL yourself.

5.Save On concise, short, and contextual URL.
The visitor should only take a look to know what the intentions of the site are.
An important synopsis for keyword optimization and to make it easier for a user to find what they were looking for on a particular site.
title-tag, meta-descriptionand ALT-attribute
6. Create A title for the site and sub-headings that are small and good for each page and page within the site.
A title tag describes your domain.
This is a short sentence in which you describe your Internet space.
 The tag appears in several places, external pages, social networks, and browsers.

It should remain short, catchy and original enough to attract the heartbeat of your target audience.
And yes, it means that you have to speak the language and design your site in the style and target audience that you are aiming for.

7.Use Metadata - A description to display your brand better. Meta description is a short paragraph which is displayed under the title tag in the SERP (found at URL)
A meta description gives you the option to display your brand before the visitor visits your site and will actually see the products you offer.

The optimal length of this meta description is between 150-160 letters.

8.do not forget Use the ALT element on all images on the site.

Search engines do not see or read images, but they do read ALT elements instead.

This element will help the search engine better understand the meaning of the image and what it represents.
As it is good to use keywords on a site, search engines use the content of the image as text with keywords.

In addition it is good to place keywords around the image and highlight them (BOLDED) This will indicate to the search engine that this particular image is important to readers.
In a CMS blog (Content Management System AKA Blog) it is important to instill "behind" each image the appropriate keywords to it.
Keywords and key phrases

9. Find keywords that will work for you The basis of SEO is keywords.
The best SEO strategy is to find out what the user will type into the search engines.
With the implementation of correct and relevant keywords on your site you are already halfway there.

The first and most common method is to use the Google keyword (Google keyword planner)
Any user in Google AdWords account Can use it for free.
Once you've set up your account and provided relevant details about your site, you'll receive a list of keyword suggestions that are most relevant to you.

Your job is to select the most relevant words from the list.
It is also important that words be popular in the search engines (which have a relatively high search average each month). And finally not to choose very popular words that many websites use (many websites that use the same keywords take down the value).

It sounds easy in theory.
The complicated part b google keyword planner  This is the fact that the result you'll see shows the average economy competition rate for the number of paid ads for each keyword.
When it comes to competition for organic words the results will be completely different.

So the best idea is to use additional tools (usually paid) to test the right keywords based on how much they use without being dependent on sponsored ads.

However, Google Keyword Planner This is a very effective initial action for keyword search

10. Combine different types of keywords
There are three different keyword types: general, broad match, and long story.
(long tail - used to refer to the large number of products that sell in small quantities).
Each of them attracts a different amount of traffic to the site.
The best and safest strategy is to combine the different types of keywords to get maximum traffic to the site by different people.

Basic keywords can be: "Sales" / "Fast Growth" / "Best Pizza".

These words bring a lot of hits to the site but at the same time are not directed at you,
Therefore, they can log on to the site and realize that the site is not for them and not achieving anything.

Broad match usually gets balanced inputs.
In other words, there is a respectable amount of hits to the site and they are more suited to surfers.

A broad match consists of many words (sometimes even long sentences), for example:
"The best way to sell" / "The way to grow your business" / "The most delicious pizza in town ****".
These keywords are more targeted and therefore more likely to be targeted to the target audience.

A long story usually consists of whole sentences, for example:
"How to make a good sales strategy" / "How to use a sales technique to build business".
These keywords do not drive much traffic to the site but to people who have a specific need for the keyword content.

11. Do not forget Attach your keyword placement.

This way, you can optimize your site and your business for search results for local customers.
For example, if you offer content marketing services and you are located in Tel Aviv, you might want to let your potential customers know by entering a keyword in your keyword such as "marketing services content in Tel Aviv."

12. Position the Your keywords are in the title, subtitle, and paragraphs of the site's content.
The keywords you enter on the site will be of different SEO importance depending on their location.
Put your keywords in this title in the best position, as well as in subheadings, bold words in bold and the like.
Adidas do not use the term "click here"!
Since it does not give any information about the link.
So you miss the opportunity to optimize text link.
13. put the Keywords naturally in all the content on your page.
The context needs to be adjusted.
If you use too many keywords, your content will look like spam and not appeal to the user.
In addition it may negatively affect your position in the search engines.
14. Try to focus On one keyword while you optimize your site.
It is good to optimize every page on your site with one keyword or phrase one at a time.
When we focus on individual keywords, SEO gets on this keyword or key phrase the maximum power.
Optimize the title and meta tags of a website along with its content (title, subheadings, body text, links and images).
15. Improve The benefit of your images on the site with the best and best keywords.
Do not forget to use key phrases not only in the content of the site, but also in the description of the images.
It is good to write "image back" (ALT) the image description for example: "image of a camel", "photograph of a star", "advertisement for a banana" and the like.
This is how Google uses your image description (keywords) to direct the surfer to your site.
16.when are you are starting SEO , Will track the performance of your keywords.
If you do not track the ranking of search terms on the site and do not know which specific keyword places you on the search page, then you should stop using SEO at all.
An effective website is a process that takes time and requires careful monitoring.
When it comes to keywords, you need to know which of the words work for you in search engine rankings.
The Crown Wearing SEO is the content
17. published Only quality content, new and rich in keywords.
One of the most important factors in SEO is the content of the site.
If you provide important and effective information to the user, the search engines will rank you higher in the SERP.
To get the most effective results, you'll need to update your content as often as possible.
This will keep your site updated and fresh for your target audience.
18. Note Especially for the grammar and quality of your content because high-quality content means flawless content.
It's true that people sometimes make mistakes and use the wrong words in the search engine.
Take advantage of this situation does not lead to the efficiency of entry to the site but on the contrary, even human errors hand-through to find the site easily.
Excessive spelling errors and poor grammar within your site can only harm your site's ranking.
19.worried That your content be unique and equivalent
To make your site special from all the millions of sites that exist in the depths of the Internet the hardest job is to run an Internet-based business.
There is no spell or magic word that can give you desired results.
But search engines rank higher and prefer sites that give real value to their users.
A site that has special and valuable information (effective) earns a lot more exposure in search engine results.
Search engines will rank the sites that really try to make a change on the Internet and provide information of real value to the user.
20. Insert Content that matches your target audience.
Not every piece of content will interest every viewer on the site you have.
Your site will face many random customers from time to time, but your goal is not to please everyone, so make content that is relevant and valuable to your audience and customers.
21. Plan Carefully strategize your content.
Yes, you should plan the content you publish on the site.
You need to choose what type of information you want to publish and how often.
This applies especially if you are running a blog blog within a website.
It is recommended to work using the "road map" method to create a flow to the content on the site and to the content that will be found below.
22. upside down Your content is easy to view.
On the Internet people scan the text instead of reading from the beginning to the end.
That is why you need to provide a clear structure for each piece of content.
Use BOLD headings and sub-headings in really needed places and more ...
Also, try to make your content more live - use images, real-life examples, graph information, or videos to better illustrate your information that the surfer can easily remember.
Of course do not forget to place keywords in the right places.
23. Delete All duplicate or copied content.
Duplicated or duplicated content is not obtained at all well in search engines, and copied content can cause a significant reduction in rankings.
However, it is sometimes difficult to avoid content duplicates, especially in e-commerce, where each site describes the product in the same way as all other sites that sell the same product.
In such cases, you must use a canonical tag to indicate which page will be considered as the source for duplicate content. You can also use a 301 redirect to make sure that all links are directed to a single URL rather than divided into multiple web pages. Link building is very important!
24. Build Backlink profile is very necessary to locate.
The backlinks that come to your site are the second most important factor in SEO (straight after content) it has a significant impact on the site ranking.
From the early days of building an SEO strategy for your business, you need to plan which link strategy you should invest.
Choosing reliable and relevant sites that you would like to get them from inbound links would be a good start.
25. when are Active links are aimed only at quality sites.
Links that come from high-quality and reliable sites that attract a lot of traffic can bring you a good change to the site in its ranking.
That is, if an authoritative site links to your site, the "authoritative" image also goes to your site.
Search engines will start to trust your site more and more.
And when they get your site as a good source of information, they will want to rank you even higher in their SERP.
Keep in mind: Quality is much better than quantity when it comes to links.
 Content and SEO in general. A lot of "spam link" can only harm the site in its ranking.

26. Do not invest Sponsored Links.

It is better to focus on getting authoritative blogs and provide them with real value rather than paying for spam or promotional articles with a backlink to your website.
Such advertising will not bring you much traffic and no appreciation in the readers' eyes.
Much better is to look for and connect with high quality blogs and respect them for the style of your website.
That they can present a topic on your site about extensive expertise in a particular subject in the form of a blog post, test case, infographic, presentation, etc.
The real value generates traffic, followers, engagement, and incoming links.
When you give something you should get a quality backlink in return.
Money will not give you lasting SEO results and quality backlinks like that.
27. Communicate Links to other quality sites

Linking other sites will not only help promote their content but will also inform other sites that you exist. Literally.
And if you provide quality content, the sites you promote will want a lot more to promote your site in return.

28. You'll earn Connectivity, and links with help for other sites.
In the SEO world, the currency is links.
That you help others, for example share your information, valuable insights, easy to apply tips and tools for free, you always get something in return.
Users generally feel gratitude and need to give you something in return and they give links.
If you decide to spend money on paid campaigns, consider wasting them not only for getting inbound links, but to help people.
There are plenty of charities and non-profit organizations that are looking for sponsors.
In return, they will mention you on their websites.

The good news is that the domains end with.
org (for organization), edu (for education), info (for information). Gov (for government) has a higher domain authority than commercial sites and are much more reliable by searching engines.
Getting links from them will create great credibility for your site.

29. Prepare content That people like to give links to them.

As mentioned above, if you give real value to your visitors, they will be happy to share it with friends and family.
You do not even have to ask for it.
This way you will get "natural" links that the search engines love.

30. Open System Good relationships with your style sites
Search engines have sophisticated algorithms.
If you're trying to get links from irrelevant sites (even high-quality and reliable), you will not get a juicy part of your links because search engines will consider it manipulative techniques.
It is much better if you invest your time in making connections with websites and companies from your niche.
You can exchange valuable content with websites and companies from your niche and increase the amount of your incoming links in a safe manner.
31. Ok, It is true that social media links are "non-sequential".
That is, they have no direct impact on your ranking.
However, brand presence in social media channels can increase traffic to your site and build your reputation in general.

The more visible your content is on social media, the more likely people will share it with posts, blogs, forums, social bookmarking sites, and other avenues.
32. to look for Opportunities to exchange articles on a blog with the content of a guest.
Guest blogs is popular and is a fairly safe method of inbound links.
Blogger offers to post another blog post from the same niche.
He or she gets an expensive incoming link while the host blog gets high quality content for free.
However, if you want this technique to work for you, the only way is to target high quality blogs that are also relevant to your site instead of participating in general blog exchange networks.
33. do not do Too many exchanges with guest bloggers.
The main purpose of guest blogs is for link purposes, when the goal is solely to exchange links Google will see this as a violation of its laws.
Guest blogs need to bring value not only to both parties (blogger and blog host), but for users as well.
SEO has always been a long term process for a long time, but nowadays it is also more about users, not for website owners.
At the end of the day, ordinary people use search engines on a daily basis.
If they can not find relevant information there, they will stop using them and move to other sources.
34. supervise The quality of your BACKLINK profile
After applying any SEO technique, you need to monitor your efforts.
As for link building you need to check what results you get.
You need to do this not only to know if your hard work is paying off, but also to make sure you do not hurt your rankings with low quality backlinks.
And do not forget
35. Find out what Your competitors are doing in their SEO
Always keep an eye on your competitors.
Find out which keywords are streamlining on their websites and monitor their ranking along with yours.
Do this on a daily basis, check which sites they appear on and what content they post on their blog.

You need to know that not to copy their SEO strategy, but on the contrary, to find your unique way of optimizing your website.
Also, do not be afraid to change the strategy once you know that it fails because you need to bring good results sometimes need to change strategy instead of waiting for the current strategy to work.

Last but not least

We hope these tips will be a good start for your web presence performance, more visible and user-friendly.
If you have already started your SEO adventure, you can refer to these tips as a helping list for maintaining your strategy.

If you have suggestions, tips and you want to share other SEO tips or just want to talk about the SEO strategy that worked for you, leave us a comment.

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