Adjusting optimal marketing channels

The Internet world is An unlimited world Of potential customers. When we want to promote a particular business we will have to carefully select the optimal marketing channels for the business, in order to optimize the utilization of the resources we will invest in marketing and advertising - whether in terms of time or budget. Proper marketing is a matter that requires preliminary and in-depth research.

So how do you fit the advertising of your business to the relevant target audience?

For this task, we will be required to answer questions related toCharacterization of the target audience. First, the marketer must understand who the potential customers are for the product or service they provide. Who can use this product or service? Characterize those customers- What are their ages? Residential areas? What organizations can they belong to? What websites do they usually surf the web?

After correct and accurate characterization we can move on to the next stage in the process - Active promotion throughout the network. As we know who our customers are and what they are, we can wisely choose the most relevant marketing channels. We can advertise the business on sites that we found most highly viewed by potential customers and in addition we can advertise on various platforms that offer tools that allow us to segment the target audience, such as Facebook or Instagram,Targeted advertising According to various parameters such as: location of residence, gender and age.

Google SEO - Organic Promotion? Promoting funded? I would combine the two ... Of course we would set up a business map on Google.

Promoting a Facebook business - Proper maintenance of the business page, promotion by sponsored content, sharing in groups, management of award-winning competitions

Promotion in Instagram - Promotion by sponsored campaigns, understanding how to accumulate a large number of relevant followers, publications in Stori, use of relevant heats

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Organic Promotion

Let's promote with keywords
Variable price

Funded Promoting

By budget
Variable price

Building an image site

Up to 5 pages
Starting at $ 500 / month

Image storage website

Up to 1GB
Pix Price: $ 75 / month

Virtual number

Israeli number for contact with customers
Pix Price: $ 100 / month

Google Ads Management

Advanced Google Ads management
Variable price