Where should I build a website in 2019?

Have you decided to set up your own website? Excellent! After you have chosen a topic for the site and after you have planned how it will look, the stage of construction begins. Today there are many free web sites that allow you to build a website without being a programming expert. Among the many platforms we can point to the two most advanced platforms today: Wix and WordPress.
So who should you choose?
Both platforms allow you to build a website without knowing code. However, certain knowledge of code languages such as HTML -I CSS will help you build a more professional and advanced site in WordPress, because of it Open source system. WIX will be more suitable for those who build a site for the first time because it is a simple and convenient system for the user. However, Wix is limited in terms of the possibilities and supplements it offers. Also in WordPress you can start building a site without knowledge of the software. Installing the Elementor plugin (an interface that allows you to easily control the appearance of the site via drag and drop functions) will allow you to design the site more easily, according to your wishes.

In terms of speed of the site - WordPress sites can reach higher speeds than sites Wicks. Also in testing PageSpeed Insights Google is showing that Wix is the leader in terms of site speed with a high score on Google's speed index!

Speed Check WordPress Site
Site Speed Test

What about site development and maintenance costs? The basic platform on both platforms limits you to the subdomain under the platform name, but there are sites that allow free storage for WordPress. While each add-on and upgrade will give you more money, WordPress can choose from tens of thousands of free plug-ins or use programming knowledge to upgrade your site. Another disadvantage of the free program of the WIX is the addition of its advertisements on the site.

the next step- Google Site Promotion

There is no doubt that in terms of SEO WordPress is the leader of the two, thanks to the many promotions and optimization it offers the user.

In conclusion -

For a professional site and impresses you to invest a certain amount of money. It seems that in the long run it will be more profitable for you to invest in one of the programs that Wordpress has to offer.

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