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  1. Click on the link above -
  2. Click the green button "to open a business page in google
Business card

What is your business name?
3. Enter the name of the Medioc business, for example, the Internet Promotion Pixer 
  It is advisable to include a keyword for example, building sites in Tel Aviv or Pixar SEO in Tel Aviv 


Where is your business located?
4. Address includes postal code (if you are sending / bringing products to customer, check the box below 


5. Choosing the category that best represents your business For example, for an SEO or Internet marketing company, I would choose the catalog: an Internet marketing service


6. What contact information would you like to show on the map? Of course we will want a phone number website and physical address of our store what we have already registered in step 4.


Congratulations you almost have a map on Google - now we only have to verify it with an envelope we get from Google (anyone who has a map and is not in his possession can simply claim ownership of the business 


Google authentication for my business


If we get a sms from Google, we will enter the number we received and this is how it looks: 



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