Sponsored SEO

You've probably noticed that when you search for something on Google, the results you get for your search are broken down by superior and organic results. What does that mean? The sponsored results are the results of any click on which the business owner will charge for any predetermined amount of money. Who charges the amount of money needed for the business owner's ad clicks? Google. That is, the sponsored results that appear first are results that Google uploads at this location for a fee for each click. The second type of results that appear on the search page according to the query typed in the search bar are: Organic Results. That is, the most relevant results based on the Google typed search word. Nowadays, through an organic site promotion process, it can be brought to a position that Google identifies as relevant when searching a relevant user and ranking it among the first search results through various actions.

Organic Promotion

Any business owner who wants to market and advertise himself online appeals to a website building professional to build him a quality site. Then, the same business owner should apply to a professional web site promoter who promotes his or her site on Google using the organic or sponsored method. The goal is ultimately to bring the business's website to high visibility as well, to bring the surfers to some action on the business site such as: leaving details, contacting and more. Organic site promotion is a promotion that takes time. For quality organic promotion, it is necessary to choose a professional and experienced website promoter in the field of this promotional marketing method, in order for it to fulfill its purpose and objectives.

Google Adwords- Sponsored Promotion

In order to promote a website in a sponsored way, Google AdWords advertising interface is needed. This is a powerful and leading platform for advertising on the Internet, due to the fact that it allows specifically to advertise to users who are looking for the products or services of the business. Sponsored advertising is targeted advertising, so, because of sponsored promotion, the business is more likely to be chosen by a larger potential audience. Sponsored promotion is currently Google's main source of profit, due to the fact that quite a few businesses, companies, organizations and individuals recognize the value of sponsored promotion.

How is Sponsored Promotion Made?

Before setting up a Google-sponsored SEO campaign, it is necessary to think about the relevant keywords that search through your ad will appear. It is important to choose relevant, targeted keywords that will meet their purpose and not lead the business to waste unnecessary clicks on budget without performing any action by the user who clicked. The sponsored ads that appear on Google will link their clickers to the business website and should lead the user to leave their details or contact the business in some way. Once you build your campaign, you need to review your campaign statistics regularly and put emphasis on the most profitable keywords you have set for your campaign. Accordingly, the keywords of were profitable in the campaign need to be lowered

YouTube Sponsored Website Promotion

Google also allows text and image ads to be displayed on YouTube, linked to specific videos or by creating your own video. The videos can only be advertised for surfers who have visited your site, to increase your conversion rate and the number of leads you receive. It is very important to choose the best professionals for creating a Google Sponsored Campaign and for creating a YouTube Sponsored Campaign

How to choose professionals for sponsored promotion

If you think sponsored promotion is something that can be done independently, you should consider it important. In order to best utilize the relevant budget for Google-sponsored promotion, it is very important to choose a professional or company that deals in the field Sponsored promotion on Google Professionally and experienced. Professionals like these know how to create a successful Google campaign, which contains an ad with appropriate and effective keywords. It is also very important that these professionals know how to optimize a campaign to optimize it at every step. Before you select the professionals for sponsored promotion, you should look for information about recommended professionals online.

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Organic Promotion

Let's promote with keywords
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Funded Promoting

By budget
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Building an image site

Up to 5 pages
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Image storage website

Up to 1GB
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Virtual number

Israeli number for contact with customers
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Google Ads Management

Advanced Google Ads management
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