Organic or sponsored promotion

The Internet is today the most powerful tool for marketing, advertising and exposure of businesses, companies, organizations and private professionals. However, in order for the Internet to be used to expose business to the best possible level, it must be used properly. First of all, it is important and important to build a website for a business, company or organization, which will contain all the information about the business, company or organization as well as contact information. It is also possible to set up a commercial site which will allow the purchase of products or services of the business on the site itself. However, setting up a purely website will not really allow the relevant exposure for the business. In order to advertise and market a business ideally online, you need to choose the best way to promote your business.

Google promotion

In order to promote a business best, it is necessary to use the most powerful search engine on the Internet today, not Google. The Google search results page consists of two search results: organic search results and sponsored search results. The organic results appear in the center of the search page, while the sponsored links appear alongside the organic results and sometimes above the organic results. The organic results are basically web pages that Google's algorithm has identified as the highest quality and relevant webpage for the user's search query. Sponsored ads are advertisements that any click will cost the ad advertiser. Both organic and Google-sponsored promotions can generate quality user traffic to the advertiser's website or landing page.

Sample Sponsored Ad (left side AD listed)

Google organic results look like this

Google sponsored promotion - how it is done

Google-sponsored advertising is a relatively simple procedure. Anyone can now open a Google AdS account and enter the relevant ad text, the address of the landing pages that the sponsored ads will lead to, the list of phrases that make up the search phrases for which the ad will appear, and of course the relevant advertising budget and relevant payment information. After this process, the advertiser will be able to see their ad on Google. However, it is very important to know that although this is a relatively simple procedure that each individual can perform independently, in order for a Google-sponsored campaign to be effective and achieve its goals, it is very important to execute it properly and therefore it is important to use professionals who are familiar with the field. And experienced, to create a quality sponsored campaign that will meet your goals and utilize the budget you set most effectively

Organic Promotion- How it is done

Organic promotion is a different process from sponsored promotion due to the fact that organic search results are search results that Google chooses to upload, depending on the quality and matchability of the search query. Therefore, in order for the business or company website or landing page to appear among Google's first organic search results when relevant, it is necessary to make the site a high-quality, good-content site, identified by Google's algorithm as relevant when viewing a relevant user's search. It's important to know that organic search results get higher visibility and reputation than sponsored links and yet most surfers click on the interesting link exposed to them first and therefore, if a sponsored ad is formulated in a qualitatively positioned and prominent position, then the user chooses to click on it and is more valuable Organic Search.

Sponsored Promotion Advantages

There are several benefits to sponsored versus organic promotion:

  1. The organic promotion process takes several months and results Funded Promoting See immediately
  2. Google Sponsored Advertising allows you to upload an ad for more creative phrases that aren't suitable for organic promotion
  3. In sponsored advertising, the user can refer any landing page that the business owner wants him to be exposed to, while organic promotion requires a high-quality page that contains relevant keywords and content. Sponsored advertising allows the business owner to focus on the necessary marketing on the landing page
  4. In sponsored advertising, you can choose the exact times when the ad will appear and, you can change or remove the ad at any given time.
  5. Sponsored Advertising allows you to experiment and test your campaign's effectiveness and effectiveness quickly and efficiently. The various parameters related to an ad can be changed such as: ad delivery times or target audience, depending on these tests and immediately
  6. Organic promotion requires a long-term financial commitment to a SEO company. Sponsored advertising, on the other hand, is easy to carry out independently, and usually has no long-term commitment to any cause.

Benefits of organic promotion

Organic promotion, too, has its advantages:

  1. A site that undergoes professional organic promotion will be a better site for the search engine as well as for the surfers who come to it. The content on this site will be targeted, the navigation in it will be easy and convenient and it will be a site rich in information relevant to the user
  2. An important and essential part of organic promotion is building backlinks to the site. An organically promoted site will benefit from networking articles, article sites, social networks, and public relations on the Internet
  3. Surfers tend to choose organic search results because they believe in these search results more than they believe in Google-sponsored search results
  4. Although organic promotion is not cheap, it does not require a regular Google payment for every click. Because most leads are created after several site visits, there is a value that you will not pay for every click on the site.

So what should you do?

If you are wondering if you should advertise your business in Google or promote your site organically in Google, then if you are interested in the results here and now and if you want to get quick information about the type of campaign that works for you, you should choose sponsored promotion. If you want to promote the key areas your company deals with in the longer term and if it's important to improve your presence on the web and Google and brand yourself as a leader in your field, organic promotion is the one that matters to you. Today, the recommendation is to combine organic and sponsored promotion to maximize exposure, according to goals.


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