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Want your business to stand out in the Google search engine?

Want to be at the top of the page

Today it is possible, and for free!


Google My Business, if you did not know the tool to do your business good, it's time you met.

So what is this?

Google My Business is actually a tool that Google offers to expose local businesses, which means that you can advertise local businesses for free, without the need for a business site and without the need for organic promotion. This is only local search exposure!

How does it work?

Get an example ...

Say you type in the search line 'Build sites in Eilat', see what results we received

Most of the results revealed to us suggested 'Eran Pixer'.

We can see many details about the business, such as: business location on the map, business photos, business hours, phone number, reviews and more ....

Even if the above-mentioned business had no business site and was not Organic / sponsored promotion, When he signed up for 'Google My Business' and entered all the business details, he would be placed at the top of the search page.

You also want to register for 'Google My Business'?

That's how you do it ...

First, it is important to check that there will be no duplication in the registry, if you have registered in the past you will only need to verify that all the details listed there are up to date.

Whether you've registered in the past or want to register, go to the main Google My Business page

To register, click on "Register Business Information" then enter all the relevant data about the business (address, phone, hours of operation, photos, map location, etc.)

Once you have entered all the details, you will have to verify in some way that you choose it to be your business.

Immediately after verification, you will be notified by email that within about 20 days you will receive a verification code from Google, which you can enter into your business profile and activate it.

Some important points to note:

1. Do not save details about your business - Write a phone number for inquiries and accurate address, when you are missing details, Google will treat you as an unreliable business.

2. Updating details - Whether you have changed the business days of the business, changed the format of the hours during the holidays or you are on holiday it is very important to update the details in the profile. So as not to mislead your clientele and worse, so as not to be negatively criticized by the business.

3. Add photos of your business to your profile, reinforcing customer confidence in your business.

4. Ask customers to write a positive opinion of you, which will strengthen your reputation and show you a positive light when you are tested compared to competing businesses.

Another thing Google My Business allows is the uploading of photos and posts that will allow you to announce promotions, post announcements, events and more ...

Besides all of the above, there is also the option to communicate with customers in the Q & A tab. Where you can answer any questions left to you, and provide additional information to customers. Answering the questions presents the company as a positive service provider.

We suggest that you download the Google My Business app that will give you unlimited access to your business profile. And the ability to update more details quickly and easily.

In conclusion, Google Mei Business is an amazing tool for businesses in local search, it has many advantages as mentioned above and allows exposure to people nearby.

So what are you waiting for? Sign in and sign up now


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