The WordPress site vs. the Wix site advantages and disadvantages

Almost every day the question arises among business owners, what is better for my business? WordPress site or Wix site (WIX)? In most cases the answer of the experts will be unequivocal, the WordPress site is the natural choice. is that so?

Many people as well as many business owners find themselves debating which site to choose. Do you go to the WordPress site or is it better to Wix site. From clarifications they make independently they show sides this way and that when the decision is quite complex and difficult, because each side has virtues and disadvantages. We'll try to make some order of things.

What is a WordPress site?WordPress) And the Wix siteWIX)?

We will not present the comparison between the two options. We will present them to those who have not yet identified the differences between them.

WordPress - This is actually an open source management system. Originally it came to provide an answer for anyone to develop blogs on the net. Over the years it has evolved further when anyone can open it through a website, landing pages, shop and more. It is a modular system that can be developed and add templates and plugins as needed. In fact we see today that one out of every four sites all over the world are working today on top of this system.

Wix-Wix is ​​an Israeli company that has developed a platform for Web sites only. It is suitable for small customers who want to set up a small site or virtual store for their business.

Before we discuss the differences between them, it should be noted that no matter what you choose, you will not be able to give up SEO, because any site can not exist without promoting Google.

Similarities and differences between the two possibilities

Both WordPress and Wix are sites that can be set up quickly and easily when it comes to friendly and comfortable systems. The difference is that WordPress sites have many options for designing with thousands of templates, which in Wikix are more complex and complex. Also in terms of the speed of the sites, WordPress sites can reach higher speeds than Wix sites, organic promotion will be more effective on WordPress sites.

On the other hand, in terms of support services, Wix customers enjoy more accessibility options than WordPress customers.

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