The Law "Accessibility of Internet Sites in Israel"

The Law "Accessibility of Websites in Israel", passed at the end of 2013, informed every business owner in the State of Israel that he should make his website accessible to people with disabilities, according to the scope of his business activity.

What is this animal?

Accessibility Sites in Israel are a series of instructions for small upgrades on the website, at the programming level. To suit people with disabilities. From the basic level of possibility of increasing the writing on the site, for those interested in it, such as difficult to see, for example, to significant and important features such as text reading (for reading disabilities).

All of these instructions to the site require adjustment to the size of the business, the requirements of the law and of course the clean and beautiful work of making the site professional, while maintaining the site, beautiful and professional.

Why did they invent this law?

For those with disabilities, the Internet is a great tool for exploiting social abilities, integrating them into the limited world, or having fun in time, which at times is more profitable for them.

It is true that not everyone needs computer reading glasses, but our grandfather, who is accustomed to the computer world, so slowly, will be able to read a news site almost like you, in a large and readable font, or physically handicapped, for example. Using the keyboard only.

The Israel Accessibility Law has various degrees of performance, in accordance with the websites of companies with a substance and a different business cycle. No one will ask a small business owner to design balloons to make her website available on the level of a Kupat Holim website, but there are ranks and rules in the field, depending on the business cycle and the nature of the business. Therefore, it is important to have a professional fit for your business in making the site accessible.

In making site accessibility in Israel by the website designer or programmer, it is important that we find the right person to perform professional work from a design standpoint, so that the site content or design is not compromised.

The Israel Accessibility Law is a social law for all intents and purposes, and I, Eran Pixer, is proud to offer you my services to make your website accessible.

I invite you, my friends, to sit with me on a cup of coffee along with your website and get professional and comprehensive service, to make the website accessible to you.

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