Network Reputation Management

Is there such a thing as negative advertising? In the business world there is actually. Moreover, a business or a business owner can get up and fall on the basis of his or her image on the Web, where the search results obtained for him on the front page of Google are crucial.

A very important part of managing this reputation Organic Promotion Of the business is maintaining its positive image on the web. Throughout the life of a business it is likely that it will encounter criticisms and slander, so it is important for you to be aware of the information that is running around on your networkKnow to deal correctly with negative information

Negative advertising on the web can appear in various forms,
- Negative reviews or low ratings on different platforms
- Negative references on other sites
- Negative references in comments
- an article that presents the business in a negative light
- Negative discussions about the business in various forums
Negative advertising of a business with a name similar to ours

So how do you deal with negative advertising?

Network Reputation Management (ORM) requires first-hand control of the information that comes up on search networks about your business.

In the market there are professionals and companies specializing in website promotion and Internet marketing, and as a result, management of goodwill in the Internet. These companies will do the necessary control for you, using various research and analysis tools such as Zefo and Google Analytics.

Dealing with negative references will be done through Promote desired results At the expense of the negative results - in order to push them down. Promotion of desired results can be done by organic or sponsored promotion, by building websites and promoting websites, advertising on Google, setting up pages on social networks and promoting them regularly and publishing articles and videos of the business on different platforms.

When it comes to negative reviews from private users, there are Identify them in time and respond accordingly. It is important to show the customer that you care about him. Sometimes it is even possible to leverage negative criticism to a positive place by compensating the client and correcting his or her negative experience, or simply by learning and drawing lessons for the future!