Facebook Promotion Guide - Build Custom Target Audience

Facebook Promotion Guide - Build Custom Target Audience

Once we've set up a business Facebook page - we'll post to the page and build ads for them onFacebook Ad Manager. I have prepared a short and concise guide on how to do it, the guide is accompanied by pictures and a comprehensive and in-depth explanation 

Facebook Promotion Guide - Ad Manager
Facebook's well-known manager

In order to help maintain the integrity of advertising on Facebook, we must approve the regulations that will jump us

Facebook Promotion Guide

Step 3 - Meet Google Ad Manager

Facebook Promotion Guide

Clicking on the left side will open Menu> Properties> Audiences
1. Create a custom audience 

Facebook Promotion Guide
Facebook Promotion Guide

Create a custom audience >
Your traffic sources:
Site Traffic> Create a Remarketing Audience for people who visited your site, requires Facebook's Facebook Flickr.
App Activity> Create target audiences who downloaded / bought your app from the app stores. 
If you have a crm system, this option is great for promoting your business. 
Sources of Traffic Facebook: 
Video> Audience who watched your videos. 
Lead Form> If you have a lead ad on Facebook, you can target customers who have already been interested in our product.
Business Profile at Instagram> Create a Target Audience Ask people who interact with your profile.
Events> Target audience that exists 
Interacts with an event that you created on the business page.
Facebook Page> Interact with customers who have made you like on the page / tracker etc.

Create a similar audience >> Less relevant for independent promotion (suitable for those with lots of managed pages and target audience pixels)

Create a saved audience> the guide you're interested in

Because most businesses have multiple target audiences and not just one target audience, you can tailor your content to that target audience, for example if we want to promote Vacation apartments in Eilat, We will build advertising for a number of target audiences also in order to promote tourists from abroad who visit the city and also to tourists from Israel who come to Eilat, so how do we do this? 
Target audiences are built in the Revadim message for a sponsored promotion on Facebook. 

Pictures for .....

  1. Name of target audience: SEO in Israel.
    2. Placements>
    Everyone in this location People who live in the location we chose. People who were recently in this place. People who travel in this place.
    I've just selected people who live in this location.
     Here you can choose the location of the ad. You can choose a country / number of cities within a country, for example: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.
    3. Age.
    4. Sex.
    5. Languages.
    6. Detailed segmentation - For example, when Eran Pixer was promoted to build sites and promote the Internet, selected target audiences were attached to small business owners. Facebook page managers | Small and medium enterprises and more.

7. Exclusion> Excludes people who meet at least one of the following conditions >> by interests, behavior, demographics.

Step 1 to Step 3

Facebook Promotion Guide

Steps 4-7

Facebook Promotion Guide
Facebook Promotion Guide

Click Create Audience and this is the result >>

Setting up a campaign with target audiences that we built in advance - we'll return to our Ad Manager

Facebook Promotion Guide

Campaigns tab> Green button on the left Create a guided creation

Choosing the goal of your marketing, the most important part of our work :), there are 11 options for writing the article. The following are the options and what they offer us. We emphasize that each campaign has a different cost by periods per year, etc.: 
1. Increasing awareness of our brand - exposure to Facebook gamblers who have a good chance of remembering our brand / ad.
2. Distribution - I usually prefer this ad to organizations that have a budget and want as wide a distribution as possible.
3. Traffic - sending people to a destination on Facebook or outside of a reconciliation for example to a website / application, etc.
4. Involvement - Involvement in posts / comments on the page / event responses. 
5. Install your app.
6. Video views (in my opinion, very effective).
7. Lead generation - Lead generation, for example, event registration / mailing list, etc. 
8. Messages - Sending messages on Facebook Messenger. 
9. Drive conversion operations on the site / application or messenger. 
10. Sales catalog - suitable for anyone who has a catalog on his Facebook page. 
11. Traffic to the store - This is traffic to your physical store.

Facebook Promotion Guide

Ad Account Setup> Click the Ad Account Setup button and then continue

Facebook Promotion Guide
Facebook Promotion Guide

From here, go to the page to create an ad
1. Choose our managed page.
2. Click on Save Audience tab.
3. Choose our target audience.

Facebook Promotion Guide

Locations Budgets and scheduling ad funding 

  1. Usually selected in automatic placements Facebook's recommendation.
  2. Budget, and scheduling, you can choose a daily budget or a total budget by choosing the overall budget that will be the exception if you want an ongoing campaign. If we chose a total budget, we will open dates and then choose when from when. In the example below, I chose a total budget of NIS 250 for 7 days of sponsored promotion, the result according to the target audience that we defined in advance remember? The target audience numbers about 1.4 million people And the estimated daily distribution is between 4,800 surfers and 22,000 users. My estimate is that the reality is an average of two numbers per day.
Facebook Promotion Guide
Facebook Promotion Guide

Ad scheduling and target audiences

Facebook Promotion Guide

Creating an ad The last step

  1. You can create a new post through Ad Manager or use an existing post, today I'll use an existing post, of course, to shorten the procedure .... 
    We will choose "our page identity" if the page is connected to the instagram.
    2. Creative> Select Post> Add Button. 
    Buttons you can add: 
    Contact Us Download Get Directions | Show show times Send whatatsapp To order And more 
    3. Approval of the advertisement ....

1. Create a new post / Use a post that came to our Facebook page

Facebook Promotion Guide

2. Select Creative + Push Button

Facebook Promotion Guide

Add a credit card to Facebook Ad Manager

Facebook Promotion Guide

Good luck 🙂

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