Have you decided to set up your own website? Excellent! After you have chosen a topic for the site and after you have planned how it will look, the stage of construction begins. Today there are many free web sites that allow you to build a website without being a programming expert. Among the many platforms you can point to the two most popular platforms today: Wix and WordPress. The two platforms allow you to build a website without knowing the code. However, certain knowledge of code languages such as HTML-I CSS will help you build a website
Whether you are already a business owner or whether you are planning to set up one, there is no doubt that you can increase your revenue through the Internet. The first and most trivial tool you can make money with online is building a website. Building a website is possible even if you have not studied programming or if you are not specialized in the field, through various free platforms that are currently available in the market, with the leading ones being WordPress and Wix. In order to make money from the site you built you will first need to accumulate enough visitors.
Add a business to Google Maps What is Google for my business - Previous article Click on the link above - https://mybusinessil.withgoogle.com/ Click the green button "to open a business page on google What is your business name? 3. Enter the name of the Medioc business. For example, Pixer Internet promotion and website building should include a keyword such as building a website in Tel Aviv or a website promotion pixer in Tel Aviv Where is your business located? 4. Address includes postal code (if you send / bring
Google promotion? Meet Google Ads! Google's search engine is the most popular in the world and accounts for about 80% of the market share of searches in the US. In order to achieve winning results on Google, you must understand the site's tools and algorithms thoroughly. Let's start by getting to know Google Ads - Google's main advertising product and main source of revenue. AdWords ads are basically the search results that appear at the top or bottom of the page. Today, these ads account for about 5% of users' clicks. So how much will it cost you to reach
In Israel there are now quite a few businesses that offer various services and products. Of course, there are quite a few business owners who offer identical services or products. Therefore, every business owner knows and understands the importance of marketing, promoting and advertising his business right, which will help him to be the business chosen by the largest clientele. In other words, in order for one business or another to be chosen by the customers over its competitors, it is very important that he knows how to market himself both correctly and through
The Internet world is an unlimited world of potential customers. When we want to promote a particular business we will have to carefully select the optimal marketing channels for the business, in order to optimize the utilization of the resources we will invest in marketing and advertising - whether in terms of time or budget. Proper marketing is a matter that requires preliminary and in-depth research. So how do you fit the advertising of your business to the relevant target audience? For this task, we will be required to answer questions regarding the characterization of the target audience. First the marketer must understand
Eilat is a very attractive city for business owners. Since this is a tourist city that attracts many visitors from Israel and around the world throughout the year, establishing a business in this city can be very profitable for the business owner who builds it. Many choose to start businesses in Eilat, but many of these business owners find themselves without customers or with a few customers who choose them, even though they have established the business in the most attractive place for business. Well, the reason for this is very much
In Eilat there are many businesses operating to provide varied services to residents of the city and its visitors, especially in the field of tourism. Every business owner knows that today the main arena of business competition exists in the digital world and in the media. Every business owner owes an attractive and attractive business site, and this is before we talk about the various promotion methods in the media. When building a site, we recommend the WordPress platform, besides being the leading platform in the field, it allows quick and easy access to the business owner when it is interesting to update the content
If you have not heard about this marketing tool, it's time you heard! So what is this? Remarketing - is the option to leave your brand in the minds of surfers even after they abandoned the site. In order to make the business known to customers and influence them to cooperate with you. So how does it actually work? When surfers enter your business site, they automatically activate tracking code on their browser anonymously and non-intrusively. The tracking code also called 'cookie', follows
Many business owners manage business pages to promote their business on Facebook. In order to optimize digital marketing, Facebook has added tools that help page managers get data about the surfers and the advertisements we upload. We'll show you these monitoring tools: The first tool is for Live Broadcast users. Live Video Engagement is called, it will show you a moment during the live broadcast was the most popular and won the most views / comments. Audience Demographics is a tool for segmenting the demographic audience. You can learn who
We all know that inserting keywords into the content according to the site's characterization is the main factor in promoting the site in the search engines. When the entire site is characterized by targeted and continuous keywords, the keywords will promote the site to the service it offers and it will rank higher in Google when searching for surfers. In this article we'll show you tools to help you find popular keywords that are relevant to your site and serve them. The first tool we offer you to use is the Google Keyword Planner after you enter the
Every business owner at the beginning of his career is debating whether to turn toward developing a business site or developing an application. Today you do not need to hesitate! If you did not know PWA, it's time you got to know the Network app that will make you feel better. So what is this? PWA is actually merging a site and an app together, that is, matching the site to all types of mobile just like an app. Many advantages it brings into our lives such as: - greater speed when surfing Mobile in various operating systems (iPhone and Android)
Who does not want to get a big exposure on Facebook, which includes many wikis and reactions? Today we will discuss the ideal time for posting, so that you get the most attention. First of all, let's take a guess from the most popular time we're on Facebook. There are certain hours of the day that will have a greater impact, compared with hours that the exposure will not be large due to lack of time. For example, the morning hours are considered as stressful as opposed to the afternoon hours, and there is more leisure for people. They can escape to Facebook as a refuge to keep up with what is happening. there are
Very soon the holidays of Tishrei will come to us and it is a great time to take advantage of the moment to promote business online. Many people think that because there are many expenses ahead of the holidays, business consumption is impaired. If you market your business and services properly during the holiday period, you will be able to pass the time and even enjoy it. How do you do that? It all starts and ends with a marketing campaign, and on holidays it's time to hit the iron. The first and most important thing is to strengthen the connection with customers and colleagues during this period, and to strengthen the connection
business owner? Want to make money from videos? It's possible, it's possible !!! Who does not know the subsidiary of Google - YouTube? YouTube is a site for storing and sharing videos. Today you can upload videos to YouTube and earn money expectations! How do you do that? Read on ... First of all, if your business does not have a YouTube channel to register and develop one. That way all videos you upload will be concentrated in one place, and your viewers will be easy to keep track of the videos you upload. Nothing
One of the most important things when building a site is characterizing the site and adapting it to a potential target audience. Today we will deal with choosing the right target audience for us. How do you do that? Read on ... First, after you have identified who you are, what you are dealing with, what your vision is, and what services you offer customers. It's time to find potential customers that your business can meet. It all starts by segmenting the audience with 4 different parameters. The first parameter is geographical location - to which area
If you have not yet been exposed to Google Analytics, we are here to introduce you to the wonders of the system. Google Analytics is basically a monitoring and statistics system for digital assets based on user usage. That is, whether you have a website or a landing page, you can get a detailed breakdown of the site's data. There are 2 versions of Google Analytics. There is the standard and free version intended for all users and is more common. And there's the version for big organizations that includes funding, called Google Analytics 360 and it offers
Want your business to stand out in the Google search engine? Want to be at the top of the page Today it is possible, and for free! Google My Business, if you did not know the tool to do your business good, it's time you met. So what is this? Google My Business is actually a tool that Google offers to expose local businesses, which means that you can advertise local businesses for free, without the need for a business site and without the need for organic promotion. It's about exposure
Marketing Businesses in Eilat There are many business houses that open in the country of the Rising Sun, Eilat. As is well known, Eilat is a tourist city with a large number of visitors a year, which contributes to business. The number of residents in the city today stands at almost 67,000, while the number of business houses in the city is very large, creating great competition. In order to promote the business correctly, a marketing strategy is required that addresses a targeted target audience. What do you mean? We will explain soon ... During the summer months when there are many holidaymakers, the business flourishes and the money flows.
Nowadays, in the digital age, many businesses use the social networking site Instagram for advertising and marketing. Instagram is a free application that allows sharing pictures and short video clips with others. This application is characteristic of visual advertising. Many people who are not needs are more attracted to the visual dimension of images and videos, as opposed to marketing ads that include long and tedious text. The InStagram enables business houses to be exposed to new and wider target audiences, which are actually potential customers, enabling the business to whip up many followers who can share and label the advertising with
Have you set up a website for your business on the WordPress system? Greetings. The next step in the preservation of the site is in our web hosting solution. So what is actually storing websites you ask? We are here to answer ... Web Hosting is basically uploading a site to a remote and protected computer called 'server'. There are 2 types of servers: Shared Server - is a server that serves as one comprehensive unit to store hundreds of different sites. Its main disadvantage is that when one site is vulnerable it may endanger all
Every business owner knows that a business card is an integral part of marketing the business. We all know the printed business cards we use to exchange business information with different clients and business people. Such cards are scattered, lost, destroyed, wrinkled, run out and out of date. Today with the advancement of technology, many businesses are advanced to digital business card offering many advantages. The following advantages are presented: - The card presents a more respectable and advanced image in the technological media. - There are innovative and varied designs that enable the digital card to fit into the nature of the business
How to write content to a website If you have a website that deals with a popular service or product - you probably know that in a competitive world, it is harder to promote your site and make it better than Google. However, with good and correct content, you can promote your site: whether it's a commercial site, an online store or an image site. So how do you write content to a website in a good way? Some tips below: In a competitive internet world, surfers enjoy countless sources of information
You decided to build a site, Mabruk! A second before we start, we have prepared all the steps for designing the site, the explanation in the following lines. Definition - Think and think about what your customer needs are, goals, mission, target audience. Ask yourself what will attract your target audience? Do you understand what you want? Excellent. You will still have to build an approximate schedule that you want to meet. Research - At this point in the design of the site you must research your product, what does it mean? Check out the competitors, which offer you, check out the different shapes
We are asked a lot about search engine optimization, with emphasis on Google. So we've prepared for you the following guide, where you will find all the answers: What is SEO? why is it important? And checklist for promotion. So let's start from the beginning, what is SEO? SEO acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Or in Hebrew - search engine optimization. Which means, a form of exposure to your services, brand and business, in order to bring as many visitors as possible to the site to make them customers.
Business Page on Facebook Business Page on Facebook, Should or Should not? Can I make do with my personal page? And what will you need to know if you need a page? Many business owners who come to us ask the following question: "Why do I need a Facebook page?" So friends, we decided to write you the answer. 5 Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Business Page: Target Audience - Facebook can not be denied the biggest platform. A Facebook business page will expand to you and your target audience
WordPress As we mentioned in the previous article is the most popular content management system in the world, with 31% of the world sites built in WordPress. With the system you can manage blogs and websites, and you can add different extensions to get additional features to your site. Today, there are over 50,000 WordPress plugins, and we've compiled 11 relevant and recommended plugins from this very long list of WordPress plugins. All In One SEO The functions of the plugin allow you to customize the page title and description of the page as you want, important
We've compiled all your questions and answers, pros and cons, read on. WordPress, what is it actually? WordPress is a free open source software that allows you to build websites, blogs and applications. The software has gained momentum in recent years because of its outstanding advantages and ease of use. Today, 31% of the world's websites use Wordpress, from simple blogs to the largest online sites. Advantages of WordPress: The construction process - WordPress is quite easy to operate, and the establishment of complex sites - can be established
Duplicate content What is duplicate content? How harmful is it to you in promoting your site? And how do you handle the case of copying content from your site? All of the answers here, read on: So what is duplicate content? Duplicate content is a text that appears more than once exactly as it is (verbatim) within the site and / or external databases. For example: You made a copy of an article you read in Macau and pasted it into your site. The interest of the search engines is to provide a good surfing experience for surfers, so search engine
13 Factors Affecting Google Website Ranking How does Google rank your site? The answer is that there is no single answer. Google has stated that they use more than 200 different parameters to rank the sites by relevancy. In addition, Google also ranks scores on the web pages. So all the 200 parameters we will not write here. But here are the 13 main factors to consider: URL length - a long URL can affect how Google ranks the site, and in some cases does not
Site security settings, dangers and all the reasons why it is important to secure your site as well - why secure sites are "preferred son" on Google. We've brought you all the Do And Do not, read on. SSL, TLS, HTTPS What does this mean? SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a security protocol designed to secure a server. In other words, SSL is a security standard whose purpose is to ensure that information passed from the surfer's computer to the server is indeed secured by appropriate encryption. TLS- (Primary
Towards the end of March 2017, the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee approved the new regulations for the protection of privacy. What it means? Any body in Israel that maintains a database that is defined under the Protection of Privacy Law according to the levels of security defined in the regulations will be bound by the new regulations. The regulations explain in detail that there are about four types of databases, each database has its own security lifting. The levels of security incorporated in the regulations are: databases managed by an individual. Basic security level - this setting
SEO on Google Organic VS Sponsored by Google - What's the most profitable? Organic or sponsored promotion? What are the differences in the matter, advantages / disadvantages, what parameters we need as business owners to consider and how complicated it is? The type of promotion - organic or sponsored. And let us tell you a little secret, most of them do not know the differences. So let's do some order
Building the site - the initial stage (the implementation of keywords in the stage of building the site) The first stage of building the site is also the most complicated, as there are so many factors to take into account. This is a very important stage in which seriousness and focus is the name of the game, and as in any construction or planning project, the process will be difficult and will even affect the final product. So how do you start? As a contractor goes to a construction project, start from the drawing. Build a picture of how you want your site to look. Here are some points
How to promote the business on the net alone - First lesson guide - Creating a Facebook page We will start to linguize our Facebook language to Hebrew Transfer the interface language of Facebook to Hebrew You can read an article on the subject or watch this video After we have changed the language of our interface into Hebrew we can access this page >> Clicking on the link will lead you to create your business page on Facebook. Click on the link below. You will be taken to the page page after you have arrived here
Log in to our Facebook account. Move the mouse cursor to Settings, in Hebrew Settings. Move the mouse cursor to the source language settings (Language) Switch the language to Hebrew and finish.
Business Promotion in Eilat Our world is a world full of business competition, for every business and for every product there is a competitor who tries to offer identical services or products; But how can this competition be dealt with? Is a price war against other businesses the solution? Definately not. The way to deal with the competitive market is to brand and differentiate the business, to emphasize its advantages vis-a-vis competitors and to create a set of emotions and values ​​that are identified with the brand. Saying it is easy, but putting this into practice is a bit more
Renting apartments in Eilat: How to do it right? Today you can find anything on the Internet, including apartments for rent in Eilat for short or long term. Many come to Eilat, and it is no wonder that the city offers a wide range of attractions and benefits. The weather in Eilat is warm and pleasant all year round and is suitable for those suffering from the cold. In addition, the city is exempt from VAT, so it is possible to purchase many products and go cheap. Even without mentioning the Red Sea and the magnificent beaches built around it. Indeed, it is worthwhile to move to Eilat for a short time. I am
Competing for the city? So welcome yourself to the beginning of the brave journey of your life. First, we have no doubt that if you have reached this advanced stage, when you have stopped deliberating with yourself, is this a smart strategic step, and you have begun to implement it with small strategic steps, then the political flame with the desire to change, contribute, act and influence is burning in you. Perhaps the thought of joining politics has always been deeply ingrained in you, you may never have thought about it, but your friends have recognized the potential and tried to convince you to act jokingly
Every institution and every organization is managed today with the help of websites that recognize them and reach them in front of the target audience. These sites help these institutions reach high exposure among anyone looking for such institutions. But if the site is not designed and planned in the right way - the goal will not be achieved and even worse, the site will harm the reputation and reputation of the institution. so what are we doing? Turn to the experts. Today, when we all live in an age of 'let your fingers go where you are' - we are
How to start building a website A website is undoubtedly a powerful marketing tool especially in a tourist city like Eilat. Any business that wants to maximize its sales must have a website that is user-friendly. There are a wide variety of options if you sell on the {e-commerce} website, marketing, advertising, contacting customers, advertising promotions and more. In order to understand how to build a website, there are several stages such as the first stage of planning by the client. You should think first, if
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