11 recommended plugins for WordPress

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WordPress As we mentioned in the previous article is the most popular content management system in the world, with 31% of the world sites built in WordPress.
With the system you can manage blogs and websites, and you can add different extensions to get additional features to your site.
Today, there are over 50,000 WordPress plugins, and we've compiled 11 relevant and recommended plugins from this very long list of WordPress plugins.

All In One SEO

The functions of the plugin allow you to customize the page title and page description as you wish, it is important to know that an initial setting is required to work with this plugin.
Wordfence Security

This is a site security plugin which is enabled by a firewall that monitors the activity of the site and secures it.
Another feature of the plugin is a warning mechanism for any problems that may be on your site and the ability to block users by many parameters.
The plugin can also scan site files, detect and detect problems in real time.

Google Analytics

Is there no place to enter JavaScript code? not a problem.
With the following plugin you can paste the Google Analytics code into the site code, which will link your site to Google Analytics.

Google XML Sitemaps

To help Google and other search engines recognize and identify your site more quickly, you need to submit a sitemap in an XML file.
The plugin creates the site map for you to enter into Webmaster Tools in the search engines.

Slider Revolution

Slider Reference is an innovative and versatile slide extension designed to visually display and edit the content on your site in the most beautiful way.


Fictional users? No more!
The plugin is designed to combat spam responses by fictitious users.
With the details of the user who entered the response, the plugin monitors all spam and fictitious users, thus preventing you from engaging in long and providing protection.


The following plugin allows you to fully backup your site into a cloud and restore it with the simple click of a button.
From hacking to a site, to updating a version that has not been done properly - this plugin protects you and your website.

Duplicate Post

The most recommended extension for anyone who wants to duplicate the content easily, for any need.


Elementor helps create custom pages on your site with a toolbox full of options such as adding video, tabs, Google maps, accordion, icons and the list goes on ...

WP - Optimize

The most effective tool for cleaning WordPress database.
The plugin removes all redundant data and thus helps clean the site.

Contact Form

An add-on that allows you to create contact forms for your site, and other settings such as where the email will come from, details will appear, custom CSS design, etc.

In conclusion, we add that the additives themselves are great. But it's important to remember that most WarPress supplements require customization and proper embedding on the site.
These were the 11 recommended Wordpress supplements in Pixar, Website building and promotion.

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Organic Promotion

Let's promote with keywords
Variable price

Funded Promoting

By budget
Variable price

Building an image site

Up to 5 pages
Starting at $ 500 / month

Image storage website

Up to 1GB
Pix Price: $ 75 / month

Virtual number

Israeli number for contact with customers
Pix Price: $ 100 / month

Google Ads Management

Advanced Google Ads management
Variable price