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organic VS financed
What is the most profitable? Organic or sponsored promotion? What is the difference, advantages / disadvantages, what parameters should we take into account and how complicated is it?
We've compiled all the information, questions, comparisons and tools for the biggest question of all- "What's the best thing for my business?"

A lot of business owners find themselves debating about choosing the type of promotion - organic or sponsored.
And let us tell you a little secret, most of them do not know the differences.
So let's get some order in things.
Website promotion - what does it mean?
Website promotion is necessary for every business to increase its exposure and customer base.
The main means of promoting websites is in the search engines, especially Google, which is the most popular search engine in the world.
Google's promotion methods are divided into two categories: Organic promotion and sponsored promotion.

Organic Promotion- Organic promotion as its name is - natural.
Will always appear under the ads that are funded by Google. And for a fixed amount per month and a lot of patience, organic promotion can pay off.

Promoting funded- Sponsored ads will always appear first in the search engine (you can also see a rewriting under sponsored ad).

What is the main difference between sponsored and organic ads?
The difference is that Google earns more money for the sponsored ads, so the ads are "jumping" to the top of the results and "blurring" the difference between the sponsored ads and the organic ones.
Sponsored promotion = more money to Google.

Pros and Cons

Sponsored Promotion - Advantages:

  1. Targeted advertising
  2. The perfect choice for an operation / launch and so on
  3. Can save on investment expenses on the site itself
  4. Useful for landing pages
  5. Relevant and immediate

Sponsored promotion - Cons:

  1. Not useful in the long term (sponsored promotion is intended for the present)
  2. Any surfer who clicks the link costs the advertiser money
  3. Constant exposure to competitors

Organic Promotion - Advantages:

  1. Increases the value of the site
  2. More "high quality" potential customers (because search is more specific)
  3. Unlimited exposure
  4. Fixed monthly cost and not variable
  5. More useful in the long term

Organic promotion - Cons:

  1. Requires lots of precious time
  2. Exposed to algorithm changes in Google
  3. Complicated for those who lack professional knowledge
  4. Will always be a lower priority than the sponsored promotion

 How do we as business owners choose between the two?
Here are some important parameters to consider when deciding:

  1. price- It is important to know that organic promotion versus sponsored promotion will be cheaper, the main reason is that the clicks are free.
    While a promotion that is funded by the click of a surfer costs the advertiser money.
  2. time- Organic promotion will be more effective in the long term and requires a lot of patience that will probably pay you well.
    Whereas the funded promotion serves more goals than its own.
    In simpler words - sponsored promotion, once you stop paying - the ad will not appear anywhere, and you will not get more exposure.
  3. Difficulty operating - In organic promotion, the secret is creating quality and relevant content. And to publish and market with full force on a number of platforms, and of course to constantly update in order to maintain "interest".
    There are those who think that for the purpose of the promoted promotion, they only fill credit and let Google do its part. So no, in reality the Adwords platform is much more complicated for inexperienced users, and even experienced professionals can get lost.

In conclusion


Both for organic promotion and for promoting a variety of advantages and disadvantages,
And if you are a business owner still wondering what kind of promotion will be most effective for your site - you are welcome to contact us for consultation with the leading professionals in the field.

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