SEO Checklist

We are asked a lot about search engine optimization, with emphasis on Google.
So we've prepared for you the following guide, where you can find all the answers:

What is SEO?
why is it important?
And checklist for promotion.

So let's start from the beginning, what is it SEO ?
SEO acronym for Search Engine Optimization.
Or in Hebrew - search engine optimization.
Which means, a form of exposure to your services, brand and business, in order to bring as many visitors as possible to the site to make them customers.
SEO synonyms can also be "search engine placement" or "SEO".

why is it important?
Google is the most popular search engine in the world, with 98% of Google searches.
In addition, 90% of search engine users do not go to the second page of results, so it's important that your site appears on the first page (so it does not fall in statistics).

So what should you do to promote your site?
Basic Checklist -
Upgrading to -
HTTPS : Google has already stated that sites with SSL certificates are "the preferred son", so if your website is not yet secure - it's time to upgrade.
mobile :
It's no secret that in recent years, smartphones have gained momentum, and with them, the volume of mobile phone users is only increasing every day.
You can even say that optimizing a mobile site today is more important than regular websites.
Keywords :
Define which search words you can use. (For example, an SEO company will choose keywords like "SEO"Google promotion" and so')
What many do not know is that the most effective way to promote a website is to build links, that is - to create links from other sites to your site.
Links that lead to your site make it look like a certified source that others use as a reference, and that - Google really likes.
Content: What is the average surfer looking for if not content that will answer his questions and meet his needs?
Make sure to fill your website with interesting content, which provides surfers with everything they need.
And even more, there is old content? Get on!
That's how you wanted the surfers, and also Google.
Photos : Be original! A well-known topic of conversation in the world The construction and promotion of sites is a matter of duplicate content, especially on text, but what happens with pictures?
Lots of images appear repeatedly on a number of websites, trying to keep your brand "yours."
Extensions: Millions of possible additives, from the most compelling to the most essential.
Try to get into your site as well - but to a certain extent.
A large number of plugins may affect the speed of the site, which will keep the surfers away, and will cause Google to lower the site's ranking.




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