Open a business page on Facebook alone

How to Promote Your Network Business Alone - Guide

Lesson One - Creating a Facebook page

We will begin to linguize our Facebook language to Hebrew

Transferring the interface language of Facebook to Hebrew can be read an article on this subject Or watch In this video

After we have changed the language of our interface into Hebrew, we will be able to access this page >> Open a Facebook business page 
 Clicking this link will lead you to create your business page on Facebook 

Clicking on the link below will take you to the page page. Once you have arrived here click on Create Page 

On the next page we will select the page style that we want a physical business / brand or alternatively a public figure like Politicians (read the related article Promotion of politicians to the city

On this page, we'll choose a name for our page (preferably with brand keywords) 
As long as it is important that we fill the category of our business page, we give an example 

How to fill out details on the business page

  1. Page name. 
  2. category.
  3. Street.
  4. City, and zip code.
  5. Phone Number.
  6. The checkbox below is if you do not want customers to see your address
  7. Click Continue 

Next step Add a profile photo to the page

Click on upload Profile picture >> Lead us to our computer libraries on the workbench> Choose the picture you want and lock it (size of profile picture for Facebook size 300 * 300) Facebook does not allow uploading pictures smaller than 180

Next step> Add a cover image to the business page

Your image is important, it is called in Hebrew. The image of the subject of the dimensions of the image should be 820 * 312
640 and 360, but preferably 462 * 820 so it will be displayed on any solar device as it should.

Congratulations you have a business page in Paisbeek

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