Website design - how to do?

Their decision Build a websiteMabruk!
A second before we start, we have prepared all the steps for designing the site, the explanation in the following lines.

  1. Definition - Think and think about what your customer needs are, goals, mission, target audience.
    Ask yourself what will attract your target audience?
    Do you understand what you want? Excellent.
    You will still have to build an approximate schedule that you want to meet.
  2. Research - At this point in the design of the site you must research your product, what does it mean?
    Check out the competitors, who offer you, check out the different forms in which you can market the product, and actually build a "strategy".
  3. Drawing - Take a white sheet, and start drawing.
    The windows you want, the pages, pictures and anything you want on the site. Make a sketch for easy work.
  4. Website design - After you have prepared a sketch for yourself, start designing your website. Do not be afraid to upgrade and add graphics, sharpen the design and add elements and images (copyright) to upgrade your site.
  5. Reviews and reviews - Once you have designed the site, contact your customers, display your website on computer screens, phones and tablets.
    Get reviews, points for improvement, and upgrade, and make changes.
  6. Final product - After all the changes and upgrades, updates and consultations, your site is ready and designed as you expected.
    Next stop: SEO.

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