Competing for the city? That's how you promote yourself

Competing for the city? That's how you promote yourself 

Welcome to the beginning of the brave journey of your life. First, we have no doubt that if you have reached this advanced stage, when you have stopped deliberating with yourself, is this a smart strategic step, and you have begun to implement it with small strategic steps, then the political flame with the desire to change, contribute, act and influence is burning in you. Perhaps the idea of ​​joining politics has always been deeply ingrained in you, you may never have thought of it, but your friends have recognized the potential and tried to persuade you to act jokingly and you may never have thought of it until the thought arose one clear day. Either way, you know you need to get started.

About entering politics

Mission Managing a political campaign Has undergone many vicissitudes in recent years and we see this reflected in the growth of new jobs that did not exist before, such as their image, media consultant, campaign manager, public relations person and so on. The expansion of the political arena into the digital arena required tailored political campaigns. In other words, in the previous era in which a political campaign operated mainly in the field, in print media and television broadcasts, it is now clear that the great power lies in the digital media. When almost every person has a mobile device (at least one) and a computer, you can contact him quickly and immediately. In other words, Hongsha has the option of turning to different voters.

But before that, you have to understand exactly what you can do to contribute to the city's residents. I mean, what do you have that your competitor does not have? What are your strengths and weaknesses? In this case, consider that political and social connections and money are very important, but they are likely to characterize your competitors as well. Instead, try to characterize what attracts you to politics and incorporate it into your platform. Does the desire to fight corruption burn you? Is this a desire to improve the educational infrastructure? Do you represent the low and underprivileged middle class, or do you represent the elitist class? These are some of the questions that must be answered well enough to convince not only you and your representatives, but also the general public.

A new politician from the plastic

When you invite a campaign Promotion for mayor, You must understand your starting point. First, if this is your initial entry into the political world, it must be understood that you will probably not throw yourself into the hands of the public. The reason is clear and logical - the public tends to follow established politicians who have already established themselves and proved their experience and skill in public work. In other words, the public will follow a person who has already established his status and has a real chance of winning. This does not mean that you have to quit the political race and toss the budding of your political career into the trash. On the contrary. It is very desirable for any new candidate to enter politics to compete. To give the FIGHT of his life in the belief that he may succeed, but to take into account that it is not victory that matters, but the beginning of his public work and political life. Even if the result is a loss, and certainly a reasonable and possible occurrence, a gambler may still come out sweet as the candidate has already opened the door to the public world.

Plan the strategy

Strategic planning Promotion of politicians First and foremost, it starts with image consulting and strategic consulting. At this point, you need to understand where you are compared to your competitors in order to plan your candidacy. In other words, strategic planning is translated into a political campaign to help you find your unique identity, which is different from the competition, and to translate it into a creative, marketing and content-oriented campaign.

Let's talk marketing

It is important to establish your political standing in the various arenas. There is no escape from the powerful influence of social media on our lives. Most of us try to prove ourselves in social media, because it is a symbol of modern identity. Modern society is characterized by greater openness than the past and the need to keep up to date with every piece of current, social, business and other information. And this need for accessible information can be easily translated into marketing promotion work.

Even if you do not live and breathe in the various social media, you are certainly familiar with the wide meanings Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have for our lives. But even before they entered the ring, the information search empire, Google, had already established its position well. Google provides information services and advertising on the Internet, one of the most popular and most widely viewed in the world. In fact, it is Google that sets the standards for the quality of the various sites and their rise in the search hierarchy.

Many studies have proven that all of us, impatient, knew - it is reasonable to assume that in a simple search on the Internet, the average surfer will examine only the first three possibilities. Therefore, the purpose of advertising on Google is to promote your content site to be placed at the top of the search table.

Google's sponsored campaign brings exactly this result - bouncing you to the top of the table as long as you choose this campaign option. The advantage is obvious - you enjoy immediate exposure and pay for each surfer's entry into the sponsored advertisement. However, these are short-term results, because once the campaign is over, or removed from the front page. Another Google campaign option is the organic campaign, where gradually while weighing Google's standards the site's status rises. While the results appear in the long term, they are qualitative results that are kept on.

Turn to young people

Promotion of candidates for the municipality Should target all target audiences. For example, Facebook and Twitter are likely to be found both young and old. On the other hand, the younger audience spends more time on Instagram than in other social media. This is a huge market segment that is very important to address. Not only that, even if you decide to appeal to minors who can not vote, remember that they will also vote later. A face to them may show them that you do not see them as "ignorant young people," but rather "future adult voters."

Through Digital Campaign, You can offer your platform and make it accessible to the potential voter. In addition, political campaigns usually have a marketing, competitive and sometimes even "dirty" character. You can take advantage of the mass power of social media to present your other sides as politicians. You can reveal the personal aspect and create social and emotional interaction between you and the surfers. In other words, they will not see you as a mere politician who needs their voice, but represents their voice, values ​​and aspirations.

Moving toward field work

We put the digital campaign on the side, because it is of great importance, but it does not replace the marketing work in the field. This is an excellent opportunity not only to introduce yourself to the public, but to introduce yourself to the public. On this occasion, you will understand what the residents of the city lack, what they would like to change and how they think it can be done. The mayor has the task of representing the city's population, and the best way to do so is through adequate familiarity with them. In this way you will be able to offer solutions to the various problems that disturb the tranquility of the city's residents.

In addition, the marketing work will focus on the various business owners, both small and large. They are a marketing "pipeline" that can help you with marketing while allocating advertising space. Besides, they can help you build relationships, as they are usually connected throughout the city. In addition, in some cases they may help fund the campaign in accordance with legal restrictions and prohibitions.

In order for your political path to be strong and stable, you must choose a loyal, dedicated and professional team that will accompany you and warm the flames of the flame that burns in you.

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