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Duplicate content

What is duplicate content? How harmful is it to you in promoting your site? And how do you handle the case of copying content from your site?

All of the answers we read continued:

So what is duplicate content at all?
Duplicate content is a text that appears more than once exactly as it is (verbatim) within the site and / or external databases.
For example: You made a copy of an article you read in Macau and pasted it into your site.
The interest of the search engines is to provide a good surfing experience for surfers, so the search engine will also prevent in the first place the presentation of results with the same content.
In other words, if you thought about copying an article and / or any kind of content from another source and posting it on your site - maybe you should consider it again before Google will lower your site ranking at best and at worst not show it in the search results at all.

How do you identify duplicate content?
So much content, so many articles and articles! You probably ask yourself - "But how do we know if the content is duplicated?"
The most important test which is performed by each web site promoter is a duplicate content check.
The simplest way is to simply copy sections of the text and paste them into the search bar - thus checking whether the content exists in sources other than the site.
The best and most recommended way is using copyscape (a tool that scans the site and compares it with Google results).

The negative impact of duplicate content and Google's "penalties"
When Google automatically finds duplicate content the site ranking goes down it is known.
What we have to renew to you is that the punishment is not always valid only on the person who copied it, but also on the site from which the content was copied.
In addition, when copying content, you risk your customers by exporting "unreliable" and "replicators".
And as we know, reliability is all when it comes to business.

Copy content from your site, how do you handle it?
After identifying the duplicate content you must contact the copier and demand that the content be removed.
If there is no response and the other party is not willing to remove the content - here you already have grounds for claiming copyright.

To summarize your friends, to publish information, content, articles and anything you want - it's good for the business and uploads you in the Google rankings, but at the same time pay attention to the originality of the text and avoid copying content - you might get the opposite result from what you wanted.
And regardless, your original and creative text promotes you in terms of surfers, because no one wants to read the same thing twice. Bring something of yours. That's how you build a brand.


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