What is the secret of the keywords

We all know that the Knesset Keywords Content in accordance with the characterization of the site is the main factor in promoting the site in the search engines. When the entire site is characterized by targeted and continuous keywords, the keywords will promote the site to the service it offers and it will rank higher in Google when searching for surfers.


In this article we'll show you tools to help you find popular keywords that are relevant to your site and serve them.

The first tool we offer you to use is Google Keyword Planner

After entering the basic keywords of your site, you can explore the statistics of each word, its surpluses among surfers, the number of searches of these words on average, more suggestions for similar search words, and more.


The second recommended tool is the SEOStack Keyword Tool

This is a Google Chrome plugin, where you can find popular search terms from major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.

You can get up to 400 bids for keywords and phrases adjacent to the keyword you enter into the search pool.


Another useful tool is Google Trends

This tool offers broad keyword search statistics typed over a wide range of years from 2004 to the present. Here's how to check out the most popular keywords globally.

In addition, you can individually check what keywords are common to your country and the period you're focusing on.


It's very important not to get stuck around individual keywords, as this lowers the promotion of your site.

For example, if you have a real estate business in Sharon, you should not mark the site only with the keywords "real estate" and "tying" but add additional keywords such as "apartments for rent", "properties for sale", "brokerage in Sharon " and so…

Also, do not avoid expressions of 'long tail', which means the connection of several keywords such as "the sale of apartments and properties in the Sharon." These phrases will help you find a more qualified and targeted audience.


In conclusion, the tools mentioned above will help you in researching for common keywords and promoting your website, which is required when there is a business site.

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