Many images? About copyright Have you heard?
All that is permitted and forbidden, legal and illegal, and how to avoid an unwanted claim.

What is copyright?
Copyright law actually grants the person who photographed / created the image the exclusive right to use the image.
That is, if this is a photograph you did not copy, create or buy - it is likely to be protected by law and your use of the image is illegal.
In practice what does this mean? The use of such a picture for business purposes constitutes a total violation of outgoing rights and may result in a claim by the owner of the photograph.

How do we identify images under copyright?

Recognize the symbol © ?
Any image / video / text and any content of any kind by the sign appears therein is protected by copyright.
It is also important to know that some content may not contain the mark but will still be copyrighted.


How to avoid it? We have brought you a number of ways:

Free Images - There are quite a few completely free image repositories that are free for private and commercial use.
Permission - Did you encounter an image you liked? Want to use it? Try to ask permission from the owner of the picture, what do you have to lose?
Purchasing - like free sites, there are also databases that are paid (see picture, monthly package).
Take a picture of yourself - what is better than being original? And in the era of smart phones, you do not have to invest on camera or editing software, it's all available to you on mobile.

Get three free image repositories for commercial and private use:

Freepik - Free image repository with a very easy to use interface.
The site requires credit for the image with a link to the site.
Splitshire - Free database to download most high quality images, without any copyright.
Unsplash - Highly recommended! A free photo gallery, thousands of images that can be searched by category (food, tourism, alcohol, etc.).