Facebook business page, should or should not?

Facebook Business Page

Facebook business page, should or should not? Can I make do with my personal page? And what will you need to know if you need a page?

Many business owners who come to us ask the following question: "Why do I need a business page on Facebook?"
So friends, we decided to write you the answer.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Facebook Business Page:

Audience- It is impossible to deny that Facebook is the largest platform that exists.
A business page on Facebook will expand your audience and revenue alike.

Immediate and Availability- Whether the potential customer is surfing the laptop or the mobile phone, Facebook is accessible to him. And if you look for the service you provide - you will most likely be searching on Facebook.

Branding Business- Have you brought a new product to the store? Do you make a lottery? s a l e? Business Facebook allows you to upload photos and posts as much as you like and whenever you want - and absolutely free.

Google- And what's better than appearing in the world's best search engine?
Your business page is open to Google search - for free.

exposure- While your private Facebook page can have a limited number of memberships, the business page is not limited to followers, increasing business exposure.

5 Differences between Business Page and Private Page:


The difference between a business page and a private page


So how do we know if we need a Facebook business page?

Basically the best answer to this question is simply to recommend you take a pen and a pen and begin to register.
Why do you open a Facebook page? What is the reason, and what outcome do you expect to receive?
Then ask yourself who your target audience is and define who you are and what you need.
(For example, if your audience is ultra-Orthodox, it is reasonable to assume that they will not be found on Facebook but rather in closed forums).

Did you decide to go for it? Excellent.
But do not work hard, let the experts break your head,
Contact us to hear more about how Facebook is relevant to you and your business.
Eran Pixer, and your business is Pix!

The difference between a business page and a private page
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