Google Analytics - The system that will mess you up

If you have not yet been exposed toGoogle Analytics, We are here to introduce you to the wonders of the system.

Let's start from the ground up ...

Google Analytics is basically a monitoring and statistics system for digital assets based on user usage.

That is, whether you have a website or landing page You can get a detailed breakdown of the site data.

There are 2 versions of Google Analytics. There is the standard and free version intended for all users and is more common.

And there's the version for big organizations that includes funding, called Google Analytics 360, and it offers detailed Google manuals, technical support service, personal advice and other services as opposed to the standard version.

So what can you do with this system you ask? Please reply ...

First of all, the system allows you to track the movements of surfers on the site. You can see how they came to the site, whether it was through keywords typed in the search engine, through advertising on another site or through an external link. You can also see what the initial page the surfers landed on, what page on the site they abandoned and how long they spent on the site / or on each page.

In addition, you can get a detailed breakdown of metrics on the population data spent on the site, how many entries were recorded on the day, some of them new users and some of them returning.

Second, you can define custom metrics according to the site's needs and cross-check the data presented in Google Analytics. In addition, the data can be exported for additional uses in the Excel file.

This tool displays many other scenarios that apply to the site using tables, graphs, and flowcharts.

All of this data Google Analytics provides us, helps to focus business houses on the road to success, and target them. Following the segmentation of the data, we have the opportunity to learn our audience and know what works on it and what is less.


So what are you waiting for? Google Analytics was implemented today.

Keep in mind, implementing Google Analytics will be very helpful at this stage Build the site.

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