Site construction - initial stage

Site construction - initial stage
(Implementing keywords during the site construction stage )

The first step to building a site is also the most complicated, since there are so many factors to consider.
This is a very important stage in which seriousness and focus is the name of the game, and as in any construction or planning project, the process will be difficult and will even affect the final product.

So how do you start?
As a contractor goes to a construction project, start from the drawing.
Build a picture of how you want your site to look.
Here are some important points to consider in this process:

  1. Purpose: Write down the purpose of the site, what your desire is from the surfers who visit it, whether it is for the promotion of the business or its development, or just to present to your existing customers your work (eg, a contractor who works only with tenders and does not recruit customers).
    Also write down your expectations for the near term (for example, an increase in revenue, an increase in the number of new customers, nationwide recognition, an increase in target audiences, etc.)
  2. Site Type: Do you want the site to serve as a network business card? Or alternatively as a content site with vital information? Or any online store that accepts credit card payments?
    Consider this part very importantly, this step will determine how the site will look.
  3. product: List of all the products / services that you offer.
    It is recommended that you write about each product in detail (what it is designed for, how it can benefit the customer). You can also add videos / images on the product to clearly express its added value.
  4. Target Audience: Do you appeal to people over the age of 50? Teenagers / Children?
    Maybe mothers on maternity leave, or vacancy?
    Once you've defined the target audience you're looking for, research it for a deeper understanding of your clientele and their needs.
  5. Website design: The design of the site serves as your internet calling card. Do you want the site to shout? That the site will be relaxing and inviting? Do you want it modern and contemporary? Or romantic and colorful?
  6. vision: Think about your ambitions, the business, what value you are trying to bring to your clients.
    Think big, do not be afraid to talk about what you want to do, and do.
    "Some people dream big, others stay awake to apply"

name of the site

Choosing a site name is of utmost importance, the first impression you leave on your customers.
The name appears in front of the site and represents it, and you.

  1. It is important to note that if the site is based on an existing and successful business, the priority is to match the name of the site.
    That is, maintain the branding.
  2. If the site is not based on an existing business it is important that you give great thought to choosing the name.
    To be catchy and suitable for the nature of the site.

Domain (URL)

It's important to know that the domain URL of the site will be the same as the site name.

It is usually a simple task to find a word or phrase whose com / com suffixes are not taken.
Example: Site name YYY,  Domain


Domain names will contain only letters, numbers, and dash (-).

How do I know which extension should I choose for the domain name?

Returning to the topic of the target audience, is the site appealing to the Israeli audience? Or alternatively to an international audience?

If you turn to the Israeli target audience, and the site design is in Hebrew only - it is recommended to choose the country's suffix (

If you are appealing to an international audience, you may want to select the suffix (.com).


Important points for choosing a domain:

  1. See if the name you chose does not violate an existing trademark.
  2. It's important to know that you can also register domains in Hebrew.
  3. Have you chosen a site name? Do not forget to check if the selected name is available through one of the authorized domain registration companies, and of course buy it soon!

Choose the logo

The logo is the hallmark of your business, a combination of words / images that are identified with the business and the website.
Some publishers choose not to brand the site using a logo due to budget constraints.
To understand your ears, you can order a personalized logo from a graphic artist at affordable prices.
Or to purchase a logo at a low cost from sites designated for this purpose (eg Faber)



If we assume that you are trying to outperform competitors and provide your customers something different and innovative, all you have to do is explore.

Look for competitors in the search engines, go through their site, find out about their customers, what they offer them, how they sell themselves, how they market their products and services.


Consider what your budget is for building your website and promoting it on Google:
And ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is there an expectation of increasing the customer base through the site?
  2. Is the expected revenue from the site higher than the investment?
  3. Is it part of a brand branding campaign?
  4. Am I going to promote the site in Google organically or financially?

If the site really is not the center of the business, and the expectation of revenue not in the sky - it is recommended to build it with a relatively small investment and invest in different ways to market the business.

However, if the site should be the central activity center of the business which is expected to increase its customer base and of course also affect the business income, it is advisable to invest "to the end" in order to get a good result.

Consider the implications of this if you choose to invest a considerable amount in the site, the costs to the various bodies (graphic artist, site design company, etc.).

You chose a company that specializes in building websites, what's next?

  1. Schedule- Sit with the professionals on a timeline where the site should be ready and share the tasks.
  2. Site Maintenance- Match your expectations with the company you have chosen for the ongoing maintenance of the site (eg, once in a while to update content / images on the site, adding small features.
    Is the site dynamic and requires frequent maintenance? Or is the site a small image site that does not require much maintenance?)
  3. Website Hosting- Even when the site is built with the most advanced technology, it is not reachable and you must "store" the site under a server that will not crash, in order to protect the site. Check with the company you chose under which server we will store the site, and what is the best way to secure it.
  4. Promotion and advertising of the site Think about which platforms you'd like to advertise your site on.
    It is imperative that it appear in the search engines.

It is important to bear in mind that a real and intensive promotion requires considerable investment on your part.
The genius is to choose the right company toSEO, And patience.
Still, Rome was not built on the right day?




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