Building sites and target audiences

One of the most important things when Building a site Is the characterization of the site and its suitability to a potential target audience.

Today we will deal with choosing the right target audience for us.

How do you do that? Read on ...

First, after you have identified who you are, what you are dealing with, what your vision is, and what services you offer customers. It's time to find potential customers that your business can meet.

It all starts by segmenting the audience with 4 different parameters.

The first parameter is geographical location - to which area we provide service and in which radius we want to be published.

For example, a business owner in Ashdod will focus on being published in his city. On the other hand, a business owner in the city of Eilat, known as a tourist city, will aspire to be published in a larger radius due to all the visitors who visit the city.

A second parameter is a demographic segmentation - which characterizes the population, gender, nationality, age group we want to contact, employment income, etc.

Another parameter is the type of customers - what kind of important we attract, private, business, government, industrial.

The last parameter is psychotherapy - matching according to interests, skills, hobbies, opinions and more.

Once you select your target audience according to your business characteristics, you focus on a more likely audience of customers, which increases service usage and communication.

Take a moment and examine which audience you are addressing, this is effective strategic marketing.


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