What time should I post to Facebook?

Who does not want to get a big exposure on Facebook, which includes many wikis and reactions?

Today we will discuss the ideal time for posting, so that you get the most attention.

First of all, let's take a guess from the most popular time we're on Facebook.

There are certain hours of the day that will have a greater impact, compared with hours that the exposure will not be large due to lack of time.

For example, the morning hours are considered as stressful as opposed to the afternoon hours, and there is more leisure for people. They can escape to Facebook as a refuge to keep up with what is happening.

There are many theories about the more active hours, and apparently everything depends on the audience of customers we turn to.

In other words, if we say it's a cosmetic business, it can appeal to its customers early in the morning. Because the audience is mostly women, we will consider that they are on maternity leave or some housewives. She can also turn in the evening when the women are free to browse the children's layers.

If this is a business that solves and provides services to young people, chances are that you will not have a specific time limit. As everyone knows, teenagers spend most of their time on Facebook

Also, if business services offer service to a more mature audience, here too the hours can be dynamic.

There is no unequivocal answer to a popular day and time for publication, depending on the audience you are applying to.

But, what we offer you to know is the time that contributes most to your advertising. Is to upload a number of posts on different days and times in the parts of the day, and to check after time the 'Usage data' tabBusiness Page, This will surely give you an indication of when advertising was more effective.

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