I am the biggest enemy of my business

So let me tell you why I think so.

Read this article with an open mind 

You're the landlord

The business of the human being is part of his being, the business occupies a very central place in the life of the business owner, he sees it as his economic future, and his image future, a business does not run on its own, a business must conduct diligently diligently creativity and wisdom. These basic data are also known to you as a business owner. And they were clear to you when you chose your manager, you got to know him, you checked him out, and now let him work.

A successful manager

The manager you chose, and the introduction of the business so that it will succeed in your business. He also knows that his success is the success of the business, the place where he will be wise to steer it and leverage his success. The promotion of the business attests to his productivity, his investment. And this is proof of his suitability and qualifications for the job. So after you have chosen the manager, you will be closed on it. Let him be on the path to success.

The manager is the one there. Fingering the pulse, identifying starting points for the business, knowing where to spend to increase income, he was there just for that purpose.

Let him succeed and you will gain

I'm not telling you not to be in business, on the contrary I'm telling you to be in business as much as possible, I'm just telling you to let your manager run and tell him at the end of the day you ask why, here are some reasons

  1. What seems to be a waste is sometimes a service.
  2. Chances are you are not objective.
  3. Homeowners who manage their business alone tend to be over-centralized.
  4. Always think that you know everything and best of all is not sure how things are.
  5. A yielding business needs much more than a good idea, it needs good management.
  6. A lot of partners, a lot of concern - he coordinated the final decision with the manager.
  7. The sin of pride - this is my business and everything here will follow my path, we left this way long ago.
  8. If there are things you do not know to do yourself do not do - it is better to pay an external party.
  9. If you take time from managing the business with employees, etc. you will have more time to put in more money.
  10. There are always ways to improve you will be busy with them.

And now at length:

The manager is close, he knows the customers know what is talking to them and what will make them become regular customers and a sympathetic company. The things that the manager decided to 'spend' your money are likely to return themselves and when the manager identifies the way to reach the customer's heart, fruits.

When it comes to business, you're not objective. Your need to advance also brings emotions to everything related to the conduct of the business, so the chances that you will be objective and examine the picture from the outside are slim, let the manager deal with it in a matter of practicality and professionalism, be there in the place of a landlord and not in his place of management.

It is right to spread authority in order to get the best out of every field. When all the power is concentrated in the boss, in one person or the landlord in most cases, it damages the functioning and poses a risk for maximizing achievement. When everyone in the business has the field in which he concentrates all the work process and the field of work becomes much better and more thorough.

Let your business run in safe hands and your hands will be free to deal with the next successes.

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