How to promote a business in Eilat

Promoting a business in the city of Eilat is a bit different from promoting business in the rest of the country. When we promote a business in Eilat, we must examine the tourist seasons and the type of tourism that comes from domestic tourism / foreign tourism.
In the year 2018 many tourists from Russia, Poland and Germany passed through Eilat, and this means that when a site was built for a hotel in Eilat, for example, Oshri Gabai We will embed languages in the site according to the target audience in the city. We also recommend adding a Google map to the site
(Google My Business Guide).
We will also consider all the advantages and disadvantages of our brand. For example, Mall Hayam is an air conditioned mall in the Eilat sun. This is a significant advantage when we publish it on our site and in our publications.
After this brief introduction we will give you a few tips for promoting your business in Eilat:
1. Setting up a website in at least 4 main languages Hebrew English Russian French.
2. Targeting target audiences for domestic tourism and foreign tourism.
3. Setting up a Google Map for my business - promotion by location.
4. Create a Facebook page dedicated to business
5. Creating an Integagram page to promote tourism business is perfect.
(Upload story - every two / three days.
6. Setting up a business card on tripadvisor .
7. Business registration in Eilat City.
8. Manage your business card in the Easy application.
So why promoting a business in the city of Eilat is different from all the country? Because in Eilat there is a target audience that changes every few months Even the residents of the city are changing according to seasons A good example is the holidays / the season of foreign tourism / students and parties Students Hotel workers who come to Eilat for work in excess of the city, Eilat There are a large number of Internet companies, Leave freelancers who work from home, I recommend checking out the business requirements for promotion.

What it means ?

1. A small business that is only directed to Eilat - can turn to a good freelance (after reviewing recommendations)
2. Medium to large business can turn to a boutique company for the promotion of sites.
3. Big business - needs a whole shell of graphics, content, promotion on national sites and aggressive marketing.
So how to choose Website promoter Or building sites in the city of Eilat?
1. Word of mouth - recommendations for the same office / freelance.
2. Results of the same coefficient.
3. Personality - Yes, I believe that businesses do with people and not with computers.
4. Team - The importance of the team is tremendous in promoting business, especially in Eilat, where the target audience is diverse.
5. Offices in Eilat and Ilati staff - why is this important? Because they know the city and business in the city.
6. Reliability - transparency - business fairness, how do you check in the city about the same SEO / graphic design company / graphic designer?
7. Portfolio and clients from the city of Eilat that you know, all business owners promote.
8. High availability and answers to questions, ask lots of questions on the subject Building sites in Eilat SEO By the answers of the promoter you will know how professional or less it is.
9. How much does it cost to build a website or promote a website?
So everything has its own price and it depends on what you want for your business, if you have Spa in Eilat Or pizzeria in Eilat the level of investment will be different.

Good luck promoting business Eran Pixer

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