How to Make Money Online?

Whether you are already a business owner or whether you are planning to set up one, there is no doubt that you can increase your revenue through the Internet.

The first and most trivial tool by which you will make money with the internet is Building a website.

Building a website is possible even if you have not studied programming and if you are not specialized in the field, through various free platforms that are currently in the market, the leading ones are  WordPress and Wix.

In order to make money from the site you built you will first need to accumulate enough visitors. Only a site with a lot of traffic can give its owner profits. In order to gain a loyal audience of surfers you will have to invest in segregation and promotion of the site.

If you already own a business, you can of course build an image site for your business. Characterization of the site will be built according to the product or service that your business provides. If for example you own a clothing store - the site will provide your customers with all the information they need about your clothing store. It is important to do this in an inviting, clear and unique manner, taking into account your target audience, in order for the customers to come to you, not to the competitors.

If you still do not own a business, building a website can be the first step on your way to a goal. If you already have an excellent website idea then, if not, you can always think of one. A website can deal with a variety of topics - from art, food, to traveling. You need to find an area that you understand and start sharing your knowledge with the world! Other options are to open a blog that will record different situations in your life or open an online store.

Now the question arises how you will earn money From the site you've built?

There are a variety of ways to make money from a website. We are listed in 3 main ways-

Selling Products- Whether it's the main purpose of the site or not, you can always sell products through it. Drop Shiping is a trading method that allows you to sell products without holding a stock of goods. In this method, the merchant transfers the customer orders and shipping details to the manufacturer, another store or wholesaler, and he sends the goods directly to the customer.

Sales Lead- Leads are some of the "contact" ads of other businesses that will appear on your site. The published lead will cost you a nominal amount and you will earn a certain amount for each surfer who will leave their details through your ad. The price of a hand can range from NIS 5 to NIS 100, and the income from it depends, of course, on the amount of your visitors.

Sale of advertising spaceAdvertising areas are banners that you can incorporate throughout the site. The value of advertising space depends on the number of visitors to your site and you are the ones who will price the advertising space.

So whether you want to promote an existing business or want to start a new business -
Building a website Can benefit you a lot and significantly increase your revenue!

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Organic Promotion

Let's promote with keywords
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Funded Promoting

By budget
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Building an image site

Up to 5 pages
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Image storage website

Up to 1GB
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Virtual number

Israeli number for contact with customers
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Google Ads Management

Advanced Google Ads management
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