Build professional landing pages

A landing page is also known as Mini Sight. That is - a small site. The landing page is indeed a type of website but in a much smaller and modest format. Surprisingly, the effectiveness of landing pages is many times higher in relation to fixed and established Web sites. Of course only when they are professionally designed.

Landing pages are primarily intended for business owners who offer certain products or services whatsoever. They do not make do with websites, but they create landing pages from time to time. These pages contain information that is updated every time about any promotions, new products, etc. when they are attractively designed and attractive. The landing pages will also include the compelling image on most pages and will thus be most effective in advertising the business.

Do not forget to forget the special place to contact or leave a phone number or other contact details.

When you want to use the option of sending landing pages, you should not try to face the challenge on your own. Contact our experts at Pixar and enjoy professional landing pages that will publish you and bring your customers to you in droves.

In addition to landing pages, you can use our variety of services including SEO, organic promotion, internet marketing, business promotion, and everything related to the right advertising and marketing of your business and your website.

Eran Pixer is familiar with the entire virtual world of today and the field of advertising through social networks, advertising on Google, Google promotion, promotion on Facebook and more. Thanks to the professional knowledge of the company and you can go far. Your business will grow and grow and reach far beyond anything you have dared to dream!

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Organic Promotion

Let's promote with keywords
Variable price

Funded Promoting

By budget
Variable price

Building an image site

Up to 5 pages
Starting at $ 500 / month

Image storage website

Up to 1GB
Pix Price: $ 75 / month

Virtual number

Israeli number for contact with customers
Pix Price: $ 100 / month

Google Ads Management

Advanced Google Ads management
Variable price