Site Security

Site maintenance includes many parameters, including Security issue Of the site - a top priority issue for Google organic promotion.

Web sites are built on the basis of code files and databases stored on web servers. Site security is designed to protect the site from hacking those code files and databases, which could lead to site sabotage and / or the leakage of sensitive information by surfers or site owners - a particularly critical issue for electronic commerce sites that store credit information.

Hacking into your site can be done by various hackers, through the use of malware or through various plugins and plugins (usually free). Sabotage on the site can be expressed in various ways, including damage to the speed of the site and its loading time, or altering the content of the site according to the desires of the intruders that can also embed various dangerous links on your site.

Beyond the leak of information and sabotage on the site, hacking the site can also adversely affect the business owner's reputation and the organic promotion of the site on Google. The site may be blacklisted and disappear completely from search results!

Can you tell if your site has been hacked?

In order to be aware of the situation in which they broke into your site, you must be constantly monitored. This is because only a small percentage of hacked sites receive a warning from Google. You can find out if they hacked your site by typing in the "site:" URL. If your site is hacked, Google will display the warning "This site may have been compromised" near the site.


How do you deal with hacking?
Such an event requires immediate and effective response. First, contact your storage provider and find out about your backup. In addition, you must update all components and site files and re-set all passwords and email addresses.

How can I reduce my chances of breaking out?
Working with a company Web Hosting This will enable you to take care of the ongoing security of the site through the use of secure servers (https: //), advanced control systems and the knowledge and experience of professionals who know how to deal with hacking in the most immediate and efficient way. Use passwords that contain more than 8 characters, consisting of numbers, lowercase letters, and capital letters.

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