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You too Fed up Pay the high fees of booking and Airbnb ?? Your place with us!

Company "Eran Pixer" Provides SEO and web site development services to many businesses in Israel and around the world.

Including Be Hotels   Of Baraka Investments from the creator of Oshri Gabai , And many other large ones.

Promotion and its features:
It should be noted that by promoting your resort well by building a strong reservation site,

Social marketing and search engine optimization, will significantly increase the number of customers and will be exposed to a wider audience of potential customers.

All without being dependent on the various ordering platforms and competitors.

The importance of building a website.

Building an image site / building a reservation site for the designated resort will be done after a thorough market research and in accordance with the trends that govern the tourism and hotels.

The site must also be built with emphasis on the nature of your resort, its uniqueness, its location, the tourist attractions around it and of course the unique services that your resort offers.

All this is done by full cooperation with the owner of the resort, and Shikkuf demonstrates and invites the clientele.

Promotions and Promotions.
Before the customers leave for vacation, they search on google many resorts and thus get their first impression on the many resorts.

The advantage of building a unique website for your resort that will be automatically promoted by incorporating relevant keywords into it and by promoting organic and sponsored offers a wider exposure to the google resort and directs the customer directly to the resort's website.

Then this is a result that will not be accepted in any order platform or another.

In building a website for a vacation resort, women place great emphasis on graphic design, introducing image and marketing content, Keyword implementation Which will promote the business most effectively and adapt the website to mobile technology devices by building a user interface that will provide an experience for surfers on your website.

In addition, promoting the website of the designated vacation home will be done in many ways and in daily work to improve the website's visibility, optimization and continuous improvement of its position in search results in all channels, especially google.

Benefit from social networking marketing.
A very important tool for marketing a resort in Israel and the world in general is usually done by intensive marketing in all social networks!

Campaign management in the social networks will be carried out by adapting it to a large potential target audience and by marketing publications on specials / sweepstakes / holidays and special dates and by regular updates of the social networking page.

In addition, through close monitoring following the exposure of the content and feedback of the surfers, we will maintain and continually improve the hotel's image and marketing content.

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