Website building

Well, this is a question that we are asking a lot.
The answer is divided into several reasons, the main reason being exposure.
We are in a generation that is all Internet, whether it's restaurants, attractions, hotels and even plumber search and find online. So why should not you be there ?
It's simple, if you're not there, you do not exist

WordPress is a content management system that allows you to manage blogs and websites.
Today, WordPress is the world's most popular site building platform.

Indeed, building a website alone is an option, especially since there are systems (like WordPress) that are easy to use and user friendly.
So if you have the time and knowledge needed, it is definitely doable. Good luck!

✩ Social promotion

Well, first of all why not ?
Beyond that it conveys professionalism and seriousness, your target audience size, exposure increases, profits grow, and so my friend, you build your brand.
You can read more about this in our blog.

Beyond the financing of publications, you can segment target audiences according to a number of criteria, and many other functions that help you promote your business.

Should I? Always worthwhile. Every page that lists your business name will be great for you, so the right question is whether you need to.
YouTube, as we know, is a "social network" through which you can share long and short videos with the world.
With YouTube you can post video clips, employee laughs, new products, advertisements and endless possibilities.
So we'll ask you, should you open a YouTube business account?

✩ Google promotion

A simple question when sitting on an advertising budget.
On the one hand, sponsored advertising takes you to first place in Google searches, and on the other hand the effect of organic promotion requires a bit more work and patience, but it achieves good results, quality and long term.
We believe in Fixer and also. Simply build your advertising budget in the best possible way, and thus enjoy the best of both worlds.

Organic promotion has one drawback.
In order to achieve the desired advancement, you have to work hard. Apply keywords, and keep your content up to date while keeping your site up to date on any platform.
So yes, it's a lot of work. But ultimately the end result will be worth it all.

✩ Fixer

Our company specializes in building websites, from sites with complex systems with the possibility of credit clearance to simple websites, promotion in Google sponsored and organic, search engine optimization, management of marketing and advertising systems, social network management, content writing and graphics.
In principle, our goal is to serve as a long-term goal for your business.

Because Fixer has a wide team of talented programmers, along with content writers and graphic artists of the best in the field!
We at Fixer pledge to give you the best experience, along with the most professional advice.
Fixer - You're doing the Peaks business!

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