Image size for social networks

Adjust photos and posts to Facebook and Instagram

within Organic Promotion For the business it is necessary to maintain constant maintenance of its pages in the social networks. This maintenance includes, inter alia, uploading posts and updating the images and information contained in them regularly.
In order for the page to look aesthetic and professional, one must be careful Adjust the images to the display size.
To make some order, we have prepared a short, updated guide for 2019 on the size of images for social networks

Image size

Should be at a 1: 1 ratio at a resolution of at least 180X180 pixels.

* The mobile image will display approximately 128 X128 pixels.

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You can post to Facebook in different sizes, with a recommended size of 1200X1200 for a square image and 1200 X900 for a rectangular image.

If you are running a page on both Instagram and Facebook, you may want to choose a square picture that will fit you in your post.

The recommended length for the text to appear next to the image is 90 characters. Notice that for paid advertising Of existing Facebook ads A 20% limit to the amount of text Which appears in the picture itself. You can check if your ad meets this rule by using Facebook image test tool.

Image size for the

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The recommended size for uploading posts in an instagram is at least 1080X1080 pixels.

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The recommended size for uploading in the Instagram is 1080x1920 pixels.

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