CRM System

The most important factor to the business owner are his customers.
In order to increase the number of customers and to maintain existing customers, ongoing control of the activity of surfers on the website of the merchant is required.

What is a CRM system?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an area of customer service, analyzing consumer behavior, and understanding their needs through information technology (IT) tools.
The CRM system is a smart system that combines marketing operations with new customers and customer preservation activities.

Why do you need a CRM system?

A CRM system is an essential system for locating a business and managing customers.
During a business day a business owner is required to deal with many issues.
The issue of customer management is a sensitive issue, with direct implications for the amount of revenue that requires 100% attention.
Therefore, the CRM system allows the business owner to follow closely and neatly on his customers, using a smart system to manage customer relations will enable you to accept the standards of marketing moves and a better understanding of customers and their needs.
This will allow you to increase your customers' satisfaction, strengthen their loyalty to your business, and significantly increase the level of reputation of your business.

What do we offer you?

Fixer is a company that specializes in marketing, customer relationship management and marketing.
Promoting your business with Pixar will be done using a CRM system adapted to the business, enabling our team of experts and the owner of the business to monitor closely the behavior of surfers on the site.
By providing ongoing response, constant control, we will analyze results and improve performance.

The CRM system includes a virtual smart number - a telephone number that directs calls directly to the business.
The virtual number enables close monitoring of incoming calls to the business and marketing control following the information provided by the system.

The system also allows the business several options:

1. Automatic response to customers.
2. System for managing and recording calls.
3. Management of a computerized customer database (with an option to create a customer club)
4. Send a voice message to thousands of users at the touch of a button.
5. Electronic mailing system.
6. Contact Us Form - The details of the applicant are sent directly to you in the site's box

In addition, the CRM system issues detailed reports such as:

1. Quantity of calls answered / abandoned - The report contains the full details of the caller, the time and the length of the call.
2. Segmentation of conversations.
3. Repetitive Reports (Automatic Identification).
The Eran Pixar team will assist you in adapting the system according to your needs so that it will yield the best results for your business and contribute to the satisfaction of your customers.

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