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Fixer is a global internet company was founded three years ago with one clear purpose to highlight the technology and media in the world with a focus on the Israeli public.
The team includes the best programmers, as well as the most talented graphic artists, content authors, photographers, and video editors.
The main part of the company's work is focused on creating advanced Internet systems, trading interfaces, credit solutions for your online business.
You can also find the company's services: branding and business promotion, digital marketing in social networks, search engine optimization with an emphasis on organic promotion or Google support, development of advanced systems and software.

The owner of the company, Eran Fixer, 35 years old.
With a full CV and with rich experience in the digital marketing and internet business, he decided to realize his first dream from a long list of plans and give customers the vast experience he has.
Decided to realize the first dream from a long list and is to serve as a long term for businesses, and to give them the great experience they have.
In addition to the professional programmer, Eran believes in dream, persecution, and execution.

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