Organic SEO in the site construction phase

At the site construction stage

There are many plugins and most of the site promoters will recommend you to go for a plug-in called "Yusta". I chose to use the plugin called all in one SEO A has many options including sitemap preparation.
Add the keywords we want to promote, you can see in the attached picture.

When we come to promote a new website we would like first of all to "know the site to Google" in the professional language it was called Index it, that's why we have the webmaster google tools
After we've sent Google the sitemap we can continue to help Google understand what our site is about.
We can link to the site almost everywhere, for example on the social network - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and many more

The next step is to install google analytics To know where the traffic to the site comes from (organic / funded)

We can also register our site in various indexes, B144, Yellow Pages and many others

An organic site promotion will also be done by inbound links to your site. Remember that there is a promotion in addition to organic. If we promote an organic site, it will be worthwhile to promote it in a sponsored manner on Google.
If you are looking for an organic or sponsored site promotion company in Google, you can get the best response to promoting your business and website.
Contact Eran Pixer Website Builder and a professional business promoter.

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