Facebook and monitoring tools

Many business owners are managers Business pages to promote your business on Facebook.

In order to optimize digital marketing, Facebook has added tools that help page managers get data about the surfers and the advertisements we upload.

We will show you these monitoring tools:

The first tool is for Live Broadcast users.

Live Video Engagement is called, it will show you a moment during the live broadcast was the most popular and won the most views / comments.

Audience Demographics is a tool for segmenting the demographic audience. You can learn who our audience is by gender, age, and location.

Another tool is views from shares and cross-posting. This tool shows us the exposure that the video received not from the post itself, but from the shares that the surfers made to it.

Another tool for Insights is the Insights tab, which offers a wide menu.

The 'Likes' tab shows us a graph of the likes and licks you received over a certain period of time.

The 'Posts' tab displays a graph that reflects the' Ideal advertising times In addition to current data on all posts in particular.

The 'People' tab will show you a demographic segmentation that will teach you who your target audience is.

The 'Reach' tab shows us all the surfers exposed to our post, whether they are our followers or not.


These are the main monitoring tools that will focus you on your path to success.

You can create a marketing strategy tailored to your business based on all the data and analyzes that these tools present to you.

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