What is Website Hosting?


Have you set up a website for your business on the WordPress system? Greetings.

The next step in the preservation of the site is in our web hosting solution.

So what is actually storing websites you ask? We are here to meet ...


Web hosting is actually uploading the site to a remote and protected computer called 'server'.

There are 2 types of servers:

Shared server - is a server that serves as one comprehensive unit for storing hundreds of different sites. Its main drawback is that when one site is vulnerable it can compromise all the sites hosted on the server.

Private Server - is a server that offers an individual storage unit, closed and adapted to each site separately.

The private server provides wide services and many advantages, as follows:

- High-level storage that includes a powerful processor

- Provides faster uploads for site visitors

- Backed up when power outages

- Increased security against viruses, hackers and hackers

- Allocating resources more appropriately

- Allows site visitors flexibility in site permissions (eg update app)


There is no doubt that professional site hosting finds a perfect solution on the private server.



If you are also looking for a reliable and secure server that will allow you flexibility and security in a quiet mind,

We have the solution -

Hosting our private server with a VIP ratio, which includes technical support on a regular basis.


Only in the pixar - The Business of Peaks!

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