Work from our office located in Eilat at convenient hours 10: 00-18: 00
Full conditions under the law (convalescence, illness, pensions, etc.)
The participants will enjoy a decent salary and dynamic and fun work alongside a young and energetic team!
job description:
Web site builder at Wordpress, responsible for and with the appropriate knowledge and experience in WordPress and servers - moving websites from one server to another. Providing content for sites, setting up new sites and maintaining websites.

Residential in Eilat
* Knowledge and experience in WordPress - a must!
* Internet knowledge and servers - a must!
* High level English (some sites are in English)
* Timeliness and multi-tasking
* Adherence to stress situations
* Long-term work
* Willingness to teamwork
* Service and Representation Required!
*Immediate availability!

Base salary + bonuses for perseverance
So if you want to get involved in an interesting job, with a cannon crew and a fun atmosphere, contact us.
** The ad is written in masculine form but appeals to men and women alike.