Building a website for renting housing units

"Vacation boutique" A variety of luxurious Jacuzzi apartments, King-size bed in a spectacular bedroom, a luxury villa with an amazing pool and more treats…


The site is optimized for all devices such as: computer, tablet, mobile phone etc.


Build a site in their most popular WordPress content management system, using the GPL license. PHP based system. Of the 100,000 largest sites in the world, 31% are WordPress enabled


SSL (Traffic Layer Security) The most popular Internet Protocol security protocol. Most websites use this encryption, Google has announced that a site that does not use security will not be displayed on Google


Website design and user experience is a very important part of building the site, we design the newest software available in the market. Our Graphics team stay up to date at all times.


Accessibility of sites entered Israeli law two years ago and it requires every site to be accessible at some level.

Marketing consulting

Having built dozens of brands in Israel and around the world, we have gained enough experience to understand the core of the business in almost every area of business.

Promote YouTube videos

A video sharing and music platform that is part of the Google content giant. YouTube videos can be funded through Google Ads Manager (Google Ads)

Facebook videos

Certainly a video is more familiar than an image, so as we advance our video, our conversion chances are higher.

Instagram - Story Videos

A story video is a 15-second video that disappears after 24 hours. The video can be saved in Highlight.

Internet flyers

Web fliers have replaced the fliers of the time that were waiting for us in the mailboxes and on the cars, this method reaches a lot more people and does not pollute the environment.


The center's site features restaurants, various tourist attractions and many users from around the world. Mostly suitable for tourism business, for example: hotels, beach restaurants and more.

Easy application

A location-based app with over one million users in Israel. The app can be advertised at a relatively small cost. Starting at NIS 200 a month.


Posting content on complementary sites must be professional and genuine. For example: a Google promotion guide


Posting content on complementary sites must be professional and genuine. For example: a Google promotion guide

Sponsored promotion on Google

Preceded by Google Ads (PCP), the cost-related derivative is the domain and phrase we want to promote.

Google organic promotion

Content promotion on the web. Content should be professional, written without spelling errors and should not be reproduced in any content.

Promotion in Instagram

It's no secret that Instagram is the most effective marketing network for a young audience. Instagram can deliver the message in a viral way by posting a story, boomerang and live video

Facebook Advertising

Establishing a business Facebook page, preparing page graphics, copywriting, segmenting target audiences, building Facebook Ads Manager ads, embedding Facebook pixel to do remarketing (re-marketing), connecting the Facebook page to the Instagram page and business page

Virtual Store

Certainly most shopping today is done in the virtual space, so if you have a physical business you can increase sales by setting up an online store.

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