Build WordPress sites

Build WordPress sites

We have gathered all the questions and answers, the pros and cons, read on.

WordPress, what is it actually?
WordPress is a free open source software that allows you to build websites, blogs and applications.
The software has gained momentum in recent years because of its outstanding advantages and ease of use.
Today, 31% of the world's websites use Wordpress, from simple blogs to the largest online sites.

Advantages of WordPress:

The construction- The WordPress system is quite easy to operate, as well as the creation of complex sites - can be established relatively easily.
And with the right plugins you can also make the system work even easier.

Built- The software provides you with a variety of free and free templates in addition to the pro version.
Thanks to the templates you can choose a design for your site according to your wishes.

Extensions- WordPress has a great selection of plugins that allow you to design your site, add upgrades and more.

Site Promotion- With the right extensions you can promote your site organically.

Mobile- Most of the WordPress templates are optimized for mobile without any need for code modification.

Open source system- Anyone can add / modify site content easily.
You are the owner of your site.

Maximum flexibility - In Wordpress you can do anything. All you need is code knowledge or alternatively a professional web builder.

Cons Site WordPress:

System Updates- WordPress is updated frequently for two reasons, the first is to improve the system, while the second is to block hackers who try to hack into the system.
In order to deal with this disadvantage, all you have to do is be prepared in advance and update the plugins, templates and the system itself.

Site Promotion- The system does not come friendly to promote sites, but as we noted advantages, with the right plugin - everything works out.

Changing a template after the completion of construction - This disadvantage exists in any system, in general, after you have finished building the site, if you want to change the template, you will probably need to work twice to change and adjust the design to the new format.

In conclusion

There are countless systems for building websites.
When WordPress is among the leading companies due to all the advantages and mainly because of the full support in Hebrew.

WordPress offers over 45,000 plugins that will help you maximize your site best.
(Add mailing lists, forums, designs and templates, electronic stores and more ...)

As you can see, WordPress has many advantages over disadvantages.
But also in the construction of WordPress sites have more experts and less experts.
And if you thought about building a professional site using WordPress, it is important that you understand that in order to achieve the best result, you have to work with someone who specializes in the system in order to achieve maximum results in a minimum time.

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