How to make money from youtube

business owner?

Want to make money from videos?

It's possible, it's possible !!!

Who does not know the subsidiary of Google - YouTube? YouTube is a site for storing and sharing videos.

Today you can upload videos to YouTube and earn money expectations!

How do you do that? Read on ..

First of all, if your business does not have a YouTube channel to register and develop one. That way all videos you upload will be concentrated in one place, and your viewers will be easy to keep track of the videos you upload.

Second, did you decide to upload a video? It's your time to give a stage to the business, if you specialize in a particular subject you will share this information with the world. Sharing your knowledge with your viewers will promote the service your business offers.

Make sure the video is of good quality, practical, short and sweet. Add an engaging headline and use keywords that suggest the content of the video. You can also add a link toBusiness site Under the video.


For every 1000 video views, you'll get between $ and $ 1.5.

If you want to increase your profit, insert ads, advertisements and tags into your video with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is essentially your "control system" for the payment system and monetization statistics from each video.


Once the video is in the air, all you have to do is distribute it where possible on all social networks and media. You have no idea how many people can be exposed to it.


The great thing is that even when you stop uploading videos to a channel, the videos you've produced in the past will continue to earn as long as they're still viewed.


So if you go through a screen and have a ton of charisma, run a video for your business.


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