How to prepare a business presentation?

as part From promoting the business We will have to present in front of various elements. Whether it's for investors, customers or company employees, there are a few rules of thumb for a successful presentation to help you do it right.

Pre-planning - Before you build your presentation onPowerPoint Take a moment or two for early planning of your presentation. Think ahead of your listenersPurpose Of the presentation and what message will be conveyed Every slide.

Structure of the presentation- Plan the presentation in advance. The structure should be funneled and include a beginning, a middle and an end.
Start - Include an attractive title slide that includes your business name, your full name, and your role in the company. It is then recommended to present a "table of contents" slide that will address the topics discussed in the presentation.
Mid-body The presentation will include several slides with the subjects you will talk about. It is recommended to divide the presentation into three main topics.
End - At the end of the presentation you may want to include a summary slide. The summary will be a brief review of the topics you talked about (do not add new information in the summary!). At the end, you'll want to add a "call to action" slide.

Little text- A presentation full of text will confuse the audience and cause you to lose it. Most of the text must be transmitted verbally and in a presentation to display the information at points (it is recommended to display each slide up to 5 points and up to 5 words per point).

Uniform design- We recommend that you do not use more than 3 colors and match them to your business logo. Be sure to use a uniform font throughout the presentation and use a minimum size of 24.

Add images, graphs, and charts- "One picture is worth about a thousand words." Using visual means will help the audience understand your message.

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