Fixer was founded in 2016 in order to bring to Israel business the advancement of technology and marketing knowledge.
The company's team includes a host of programmers, graphic artists, content writers, photographers and video editors who love what they do.

The company's focus is on SEO web development , from simple websites to the most advanced algorithms and systems, including sales interfaces with credit clearance. At Fixer we have the knowledge and understanding of the way to take your business to the frontend of the Internet world, while digital marketing in the social networks and promoting the right search engines with an emphasis on Organic Promotion or Funded Promoting.

Eran Fixer - CEO of the company, a professional programmer and internet entrepreneur, with a rich past in the business world and the Internet.
Established the Pixar Company Out of a desire to give businesses the experience he has accumulated over the years.
During the establishment of the company, Eran recruited his team with unique experts for each field in which the company provides its services to its customers.
Company Team Built by programmers, site builders, graphic designers, web designers, content writers, operations managers, customer relationship managers and sales managers.
The team is a young and dynamic team of people who invest everyone in your business and elevate it each in his role as head of internet headlines.
Pixar Concept Service is transparent as the company's offices and accessible to all our customers during the hours of operation.
You can also contact any member of the team according to his field of activity and receive real-time response as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Pixar Company Views the Internet as a gateway to an unlimited and world-wide audience.
The company's team has set a goal of making marketing and advertising available on the Internet to any business owner and bringing it to its customers
The most advanced service, all thanks to the extensive knowledge accumulated over the years and continuous and uncompromising learning and constant updating with the most advanced technologies.


Expert in promoting and building websites
Eran Fixer


Daniel Diga

Web Developer

The studs

Bar Fainstein

Graphic Artist

Business Promotion



Business Promotion



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